Curse of the Dead tour sets a seasonal tone

“The red death awaits you!”

The Curse Of The Dead tour kicked off  in Asheville, NC at the Mothlight.  Prosthetic Records’ Skeletonwitch from Athens, Ohio and label-mates Iron Reagan, from Richmond, Virginia, are heading out across the country over the next month to make sure you’re banging your head.  If the rest of their tour is anything like the sold-out Asheville show, then they’re in for a killer tour.

All Hell 01

The NC trio, All Hell ( opened the show up with a bang.

All Hell 18

This was the second time I’ve caught these guys live and they left me highly impressed once again.

All Hell 02

With an upcoming LP titled “Red Sect” coming out in the near future on Prosthetic Records, All Hell is a band to start paying attention to if you haven’t already. Stop by their bandcamp site and check out what they’re doing, then head over to the Prosthetic Records site ( and pre-order the new record.

All Hell 17

Deathwish Inc’s Oathbreaker slowed things down a bit, but not in a bad way.  I’ve heard for a while now that their live show is intense, but hadn’t been able to see for myself until now.  Their music is furious and filled to the brim with raw emotion, and the live show followed suit.

Oathbreaker 22//
Oathbreaker 18//

Oathbreaker 13


When I say they slowed things down I mean they caused the audience to stop in their tracks because all that can be done is watch.  Hailing from Belgium, the band mixes hardcore and black metal in a way that works perfectly. 

Oathbreaker 10//

Oathbreaker 05
The performance started with vocalist, Caro Tanghe singing to a silent crowd for a moment until the band joined her to open their performance with “Second Son of R.”  The intensity on stage is something that you truly need to see to believe.  I was blown away by this band.  Head over tp to hear what I’m talking about, and make sure you catch them on tour whenever and wherever you can. 

Iron Reagan 34//
Iron Reagan 24

Iron Reagan.  Do they need an introduction?  Probably not, but here’s a short one anyways.  Iron Reagan is a thrash “supergroup” made up of members and ex-members from some of my favorite bands; Municipal Waste, A.N.S., Hellbear; and one of my all-time favorite bands, Darkest Hour.

Iron Reagan 19//

Iron Reagan 09//

Iron Reagan 15

I’ve attempted to catch them numerous times and have always ended up missing them, but not this time.  And they were everything I expected from a band of this caliber.  The crowd went nuts, and for the first time ever I was multitasking between taking photos, singing along, trying not to get knocked over, and watching for stage divers.  If you’re familiar then you already know, but if you’re not stop by and check them out.  

Skeletonwitch 57Skeletonwitch 51


Skeletonwitch closed the sold out show with a set made up of old and new material, and it was all incredible.  My two favorite genres of metal are black and thrash, and these guys combine the two flawlessly.  Another performance that had the crowd tearing the place apart.  Having just released the “Well of Despair” single earlier this year, included on their new EP entitled “The Apothic Gloom” and I think this might be some of my favorite material from them to date.    

Skeletonwitch 46//

Skeletonwitch 39//

Skeletonwitch 38


It seems to take more influence from the black metal side than thrash and it’s flawless to say the least.  See, or I suppose hear rather, for yourself at

Skeletonwitch 37//

Skeletonwitch 23//

Skeletonwitch 20

The OH five-piece will be all over the country for the next month, so you honestly have no excuse for missing them.  Go out and make every show a sold out show, then stop by the merch table to pick up some new stuff.. and while you’re at it, if they’ve got the sign up on the merch table, help make that request a reality.

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