Send me a postcard! Death Vacation hits up the World Famous Milestone Club

Send me a postcard!

New York’’s Death Vacation just wrapped up their recent tour down the east coast, and they picked a hell of a venue for it:  the World Famous Milestone Club in Charlotte, NC.  They were joined at the oldest punk rock club on the east coast by a couple of Charlotte bands: Violent Life Violent Death and Kairos.

Milestone 12Milestone 08//

Milestone 05//

Milestone 06
Playing their very first show less than a month ago, Violent Life Violent Death definitely has their act together.  Although it’s no surprise when you look at their lineup, featuring members of bands like Aria, Black Pope, Deception of a Ghost, Stained Glass Romance, and to the Lions; these guys are veterans.  It reminded me a lot of the metalcore stuff that was big in the early 00’s and I loved every minute of it.  They kept the energy and intensity high and got the show kicked off the right way.  “What’d you think?  Sort of Zao-y?” vocalist Scott Cowan asked me after their set.  Better.  If you’re into bands like Zao and/or 7 Angels 7 Plagues, make sure you catch one of their shows.

Violent Life Violent Death 18

// Life Violent Death 14// Life Violent Death 17//

Violent Life Violent Death 05

Fellow Charlotte natives, Kairos, closed the show on a high note.  They’re a progressive metal band that clearly likes to have fun.  This was my first time seeing them play, and it’s always refreshing to see bands play that genuinely seem to appreciate their fans and anyone willing to give them a chance.  Their stage presence is apparent and even through technical difficulties they keep things moving to make sure the crowd was still engaged.  Quick game of Jeopardy anyone?
Kairos 24//
Kairos 20//
Kairos 13//

Kairos 03//

Kairos 16//

Kairos 01
In between the two local acts, Brooklyn-based Death Vacation took the stage and grabbed everyone’s attention.  Between Michelle’s voice, and the pure fury that is their music, it’s hard for them not to get your attention.  Charlotte was their last stop on their way back up north, and the band all wholeheartedly agreed that playing the Milestone was an incredible way to wrap the tour up.  They recently released a new ep, Bones Grow Cold, and you can listen/purchase it at so head over and get a copy!

// Vacation 20// Vacation 17//

Death Vacation 12//

Death Vacation 10//

Death Vacation 09

See full gallery of the night.

Death Vacation (

Violent Life Violent Death (

Kairos (



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