9/3/16 Poppy

Happy Saturday, my friends. I don’t know about you but this cooler weather has got me feelin’ great! I love fall/winter so I’m beyond stoked that the hurricane thunderstorms have blessed us with “chillier” weather. Being in the South means that “chilly” is like, 80 degrees instead of 90 degrees…

In response to my happier self, I made a playlist full of some of my favorite pop songs! I’m a sucker for a good pop bop and although those seem to be around less often than I’d like, there are still some great artists making quality music. Halsey, Lights, CHVRCHES, HOLYCHILD, I could go on forever!

Instead I made a playlist for your enjoyment. Hopefully I’m not the only one into pop, otherwise this will be painful playlist for you… nah, it’ll be great!

What pop artists are you into?

Okay, I have to admit something, ya’ll… I snuck in the new Jimmy Eat World song. Sorry! It’s just so great! Art is up for interpretation so they can be considered pop right? No? Oh well, I’m going to do it anyway.



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