8/25/16 What’s Up

Hello! Hopefully your week has been kind to you and you’ve got some cool stuff planned for the weekend (sleeping totally counts, by the way). I didn’t have a theme for last week’s playlist and guess what, friends: I don’t have a theme this week either. I’m just really into these songs and wanted to share them with you! I’ve gone to more shows this summer than ever before and I’ve been exposed to a lot of cool stuff. Am I the only one who took too long to check out Sorority Noise?

What’s even cooler is that I’ve got more shows and festivals lined up this fall and I just know I’ll have some awesome stuff to share with you guys. A lot of you are way cooler than me and know about bands that I’m just now discovering, but hey, we’ve all gotta start somewhere.

This week’s playlist has bands that I’ve either seen live this year or have plans to see live, whether it be at a festival or a show I’ll be attending this fall. Also, because I’m the boss and can do whatever I want, I added some bands that I won’t be seeing but really really really wish I could. And there may or may not be a one or two songs that I’ve been meaning to check out and haven’t yet so I stuck them in here in hopes that I would remember one day. Sue me.

As always, let us know what you’ve been listening to and who we should check out!

What new act have you discovered through a show?



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