Weathering the storm with Brooks Dixon

Weathering the storm with Brooks Dixon

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Photo by Chelsey Ashford Photography

From small town musician to the Southeast’s best kept secret, Brooks Dixon will soon be on the forefront of modern folk-pop music. Dixon began his DIY music career while studying at Clemson University, scooping up fans left and right in his local scene since 2012. His home studio helped him record his first release, Stone Pile EP, in 2014. Since its release, Dixon has traveled the veins of the Southeast, hitting up towns in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia.

Full band or solo setup, Dixon has found what it takes to mold a steady following. Since his start at a popular Greenville cafe, Dixon has generated enough hometown talk to land him larger stages and popular festivals. Dixon told Greenville Online in a recent interview that playing a hometown festival, such as the 2016 Gimme The Gig, allowed him a certain level of ease to perform outside of his comfort zone. As if his music wasn’t convincing enough, his friendly stage presence and natural vibe with his audiences make it easy to become a fan of the young man. Not only that, but he’s also perfected the songwriting formula to match his style: a little bluesy, a little poppy, 100% authentic.

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Last February brought along chilly winter breezes and a brand new EP from Dixon, appropriately entitled Weather The Storm. In an interview with the Greenville Journal, Dixon noted the different between the two EPs: a band. While the beloved acoustic elements are still present in the newest release, the Clemson native chose to include a fuller sound in his songwriting.

“For this one, there was more meat to the songs because I’m playing with a band now,” he told the GJ. “So it was about trying to capture a little bit more of that new direction we’re headed in. I hadn’t had that much instrumentation to arrange before. It definitely changed my writing. There’s a lot more energy now; it’s more upbeat.”

Catch up with Dixon this August as he treks through the Southeast once again! Tour dates here.

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Photo by Chelsey Ashford Photography




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