Jocelyn & Chris Arndt are on the edge of glory

Jocelyn & Chris Arndt are on the edge of glory


Jocelyn and Chris Arndt are their names; making catchy pop music is their game. A musical pair from the ever-inspiring New York, the Arndt siblings are on the rise thanks to their one-of-a-kind sound. Upon first listen, my ear immediately identified the theatrical components these two bring to their songwriting sessions. Dramatic riffs and expressive vocals make it easy to trace the New York-inspired elements these songs were steeped in before being placed on their newest record. Their sound is rare, lyrics a tad mature, and energy youthful; how two young people can make music that appeals to all generations is a significant nod to their talent.

As I listened further into their latest release, Edges, I found myself playing around with the word “soul,” wanting to add on to my original thought. Theatrical soul? Soulful theatre? Either way, it’s uncommon, it’s haunting, and its originality will take them to the top of the industry.

It wasn’t until a mishap at an elementary school talent show that Jocelyn and Chris recognized their dream; it was at this time that they kicked into gear and began writing music. Fast forward about a decade and the siblings have released two EP’s, performed coast to coast, and are preparing to finish off 2016 at the top of the charts (at least that’s what I’m hoping will happen). With festivals like SXSW, The Florida Music Festival, and Summerfest under their belts, I fully expect Jocelyn and Chris Arndt to reach super-stardom as a result of their latest release. Edges can be found on their ReverbNation page, but if you ask me, their music is best served at a live show, where you can experience the theatrical, soulful music for yourself. Check out their remaining 2016 tour dates here.

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