The Eyebrows, no tweezing necessary

The Eyebrows, no tweezing necessary

Words by Jaime Terry  | Photos by Gianna Haley


Last weekend we checked out The Evening Muse for a night of good ol’ home-grown Charlotte rock. Fairly new The Eyebrows and brand new Better Twin graced the stage super late in the night, for me at least. The show was definitely worth staying up for.

Right into the set, as The Eyebrows were about to begin, Jay Garrigan, singer and guitarist for The Eyebrows, let us all know that the show almost didn’t happen. Throughout the week, he had fought Strep Throat and other ailments. The drummer chimed in to say it was also the flu and Plague, you know, all that nasty stuff. Kidding aside, Garrigan assured us that he has been medicated and is no longer contagious, but that his voice was not up to par. His performance told us a different story and he sounded great.


Long time musician Jay Garrigan teamed up with Shawn Lynch, Jon Lock, and Molly Poe to put together The Eyebrows. Lynch told us that Garrigan writes all of the songs for The Eyebrows. Having been with lots of bands, some on major labels, and still currently with the band Temperance League, Garrigan wanted something different; in essence, The Eyebrows is what he wanted “his” sound to be.

Though The Eyebrows are recent as a unit, they each have been either playing the music scene or been a part of it for quite some time. Garrigan and Lynch spoke of the bands that came before The Eyebrows and the bands they still enjoy being part of alongside this endeavor. Garrigan stouted two bands he takes part in regularly and Lynch was noted to be a member of four bands. I asked, but still have no idea how they could keep that many songs, set lists, and events straight between so many bands. I guess it’s the love of the music.

You can definitely hear the 80’s influence throughout their sound and I love that they are bringing back the synthesizer, which for some reason got extremely loud, just for a second, but was enough to give everyone in the venue an earful and synth player Molly Poe an adorable spell of the giggles. Their set left me excited to hear more and I will be making it out for future shows.


After their performance and pack up, we got a chance to sit down with Garrigan and were later joined by Lynch for a bit, as well as Poe for a brief second. We talked about stage fright, which Garrigan used to have terribly, so much so that in his twenties he would put a sheet over his head before going on stage and pretty much freak out on stage. He mentioned that back then he was pretty sure that most of the people who came out to that band’s shows came out to see him “freak out.” Photographer Gianna Haley and I laughed and gave each other that “uh huh” look. I explained how Gianna has “everything fright,” to which Garrigan offered her some words of wisdom, “It will get better.” Garrigan told us that for him, it took about 10 years of odd ways of coping for his stage fright to start to get “better,” and usually a couple of beers before the show to calm the nerves. Lynch popped in to dote on Garrigan and tell us about how busy he is with his own crazy amount of bands and Poe kindly interrupted us to tell Garrigan about t-shirt sales. She held one up for us, a black tee with “The Eyebrows” encircled in hot pink. I dig it, and I need one. We also talked about eyebrows and how the name came about from a Frank Zappa quote that Garrigan enjoys:

“The computer can’t tell you the emotional story. It can give you the exact mathematical design, but what’s missing is the eyebrows.”

From there, our conversation turned quickly to people with memorable eyebrows, of wild eyebrows and amazingly groomed eyebrows.

The Eyebrows have a full length album they are in the midst of working on, get your hands on their vinyl when it comes out and see them locally!


This was only the third show for Better Twin. They are so new that you won’t find them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram; trust me, I looked. With nothing to go on but the band name and member names, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Wayne Robbins, Joshua Carpenter, Jonas Cole, J.Seger came out to rock with us from Asheville, NC. With Robbins singing and playing the keyboard,  guitarist, bassist Seger and a drummer, they are a solid band. Better Twin’s singer has the voice of a crooner. His buttery-smooth vocals pull you in and the band follows through.


Robbins told us of his boredom with playing the guitar and how he “ran out of ideas on the guitar” so he took up piano a year ago. He asked the crowd to please excuse any mistakes as he is new. A guy in the back of the venue shouted back “We aren’t looking at your fingers, we’re looking at your ass!” To which I’m pretty sure under that wildly awesome beard, he was blushing. Check these guys out next time they are in town and keep an eye out for more to come from Better Twin. And will someone please tell Better Twin to get on social media, I have a feeling they will be around for a while.

See full gallery here.


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