Sights of The Punk Rock Smackdown 5

Sights of The Punk Rock Smackdown 5

Photos by: Kevin McGee

Poison Anthem - 06

Had enough of punk rock this month? Neither have we.

The Punk Rock Smackdown 5, hosted by The Milestone, was scheduled a week after the Punk Rock Picnic (The Rabbit Hole). I can’t help but wonder, since the closing of Tremont Music Hall (the most recent venue for Punk Rock Picnic), or maybe it’s just the coincidental timing of two punk-as-fuck shindigs.

Speculation aside, the Punk Rock Smackdown 5 featured The Commonwealth, Poison Anthem, Dischordia Dames, The Madd Hatters, The Body Bags, Couch Surfer on August 13.

Rumor has it, this bash was also partially Simon’s birthday! Who’s Simon?! I don’t know!

Were you there? Will you tell us who Simon is? Did they have a great night? How old are they?

Don’t forget, as the weather cools down, more shows from these bands will be cropping up left and right, and get out to those shows!

There will be another PRS5 in Wilmington on August 27 as well as one in Raleigh on September 10.

Performances by:

Couch Surfer - 04//
Couch Surfer - 05// Surfer - 01

The Body Bags - 01//
The Body Bags - 03// Body Bags - 06

Discordia Dames - 06//
Discordia Dames - 04// Dames - 03

Poison Anthem - 05// Anthem - 04

Poison Anthem - 09

The Madd Hatters - 01//
The Madd Hatters - 08// Madd Hatters - 04

The Commonwealth - 06// Commonwealth - 08Full gallery can be seen here.


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