Bush Does Charlotte 2k16

Bush Does Charlotte 2k16

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Okay so here’s the deal: if you weren’t at the Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheatre last night, you messed up. Big time. Not only did two up-and-coming rock bands grace Charlotte with their sick sounds, but two rock legends completely obliterated the Queen city in the best way possible as well.

The Dead Deads (Tishimon Records) are a group of five Nashville-native women, two siblings and three childhood best friends, who are known for painting dark X’s over their eyes. While they aren’t your typical Nashville act, these five women are out to destroy what you think you know about music and genres. Look out for our review from their show in Philly!

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Next up: Black Map (!K7 Records). This Cali trio hardly let the Carolina humidity affect their performance as they won over the CMCU Amphitheater. They’ve been touring their first and only EP since 2014, so keep your eye on this rock trio as they release music soon.

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Chevelle (Epic Records) dominated the stage next and, to the surprise of no one, managed to prove why they’re still around.


What started out as a trio of brothers in 1995 is now a brother duo + one brother-in-law in 2016, and against some tricky odds, Chevelle has arrived in Charlotte more in-tune than ever.


Fresh off an album release (The North Corridor July 2016), Chevelle delivered a performance full of energy, new music, and classic rock.


Not the kind of classic rock you can find on the radio station, but the classic rock that reminds you where the genre came from.


Heavy riffs, tattered vocals, and just plain loud music filled every inch of CMCU Amphitheatre.

To close out a solid night of rock, Bush took over the reins and made every concert-goer ponder returning to their 90s dirty grunge phase.Our very own Dianna Augustine wrote a lil’ review of Bush’s 2014 release Man On The Run and although it’s been two years, her description of the 90s grunge act still rings true.


Most will think of Nirvana first when they think of grunge, up next, possibly, they will say the dirt-grunge band Hole and then Bush. When pondering the epicenter of grunge music, to me, Bush defined it in all ways.


Although Bush never really found their fame back home in London, the US took care of the British boys well enough to give them the recognition they deserve, even in 2016. From the hyped-up stage show to their chaotic frontman Gavin Rossdale, Bush knows how to put on a show.


According to Shutter 16 photographer Ricky Thigpen, Rossdale took a stroll into the crowd and, upon coming across two sleeping audience members, sang loudly and extravagantly in their faces.


Imagine waking up from a sweet slumber (at a show, no less) and finding the only and only Gavin Rossdale in your face, sweat jumping from his skin onto your and angry yet lusty features staring into your sleepy eyes. Unreal.


If you weren’t able to catch this tour last night, or just want to experience it all over again, check here for future dates and get to it!


See full gallery of the night.





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