Beyond the Fade are back and better than ever!

New album out today (Aug 1st)  Welcome to the Pain. See the album in it’s entirety performed acoustic via FB live tonight at 7pm over on their band page. If you missed the 7pm showing – I’m sure you can tune into their FB page and play the video.

One of Charlotte’s hardest rocking bands have finally come out of a hiatus that seemed like it would never end. Beyond the Fade released an eleven track album by the name of Welcome to the Pain on August 1st and have already put themselves back in the top tier of local acts. This is a group that has been around the scene for a long time, and over that time they have played everywhere from bars to Amos’ Southend, and have even had the opportunity to open up for Motley Crue and Tesla at Rock USA festival in Wisconsin. With lineup changes, an ever growing fan base, and style that just keeps getting better this is a band that will continue to thrive in the world of hard rock.

If you haven’t already downloaded the album then here’s your chance to see what you are missing out on. One of my personal favorite tunes on the album is a longtime staple in the band’s live set “Angel.” With an intro that’s sure to get your blood pumping and a build up style verse that explodes into an insanely catchy chorus, this one will be one to listen to on repeat. Another track that fans will recognize from shows is “Trend.” This fast paced, guitar driven song has been a fan favorite for some time and after you hear the album version you won’t be able to keep your head from banging while driving down the road.

Beyond The Fade - 07

Image via Kevin McGee

Maybe you’re looking for something on the slower side, if so then check out “Beautiful” and “Smile.” I remember being at the show when the band debuted both of these songs and immediately knew they were onto something with this pair. “Smile” has some pretty deep lyrics and a melody that will be stuck in your head for days. I can picture “Beautiful” being blasted on radio stations all over the country with its uplifting message that so desperately needs to be heard in the dark times we live in. If you’re a fan of great guitar work then “Follow You” should be one of the first tracks you listen to. The main riff carries the song along and leads to a solo that I could hear being played in an action scene of a video game.

Still can’t get enough of Beyond the Fade after downloading the new album? Make sure to catch them at their first show back at Amos’ Southend on September 9th. I’ve been to many of this group’s shows and they never disappoint, so if you’re a newcomer to BTF’s music then mark down the date on your calendar and make sure to catch what will be an awesome show.

Tracklisting –

I’m Alive

Follow You


Welcome to the Pain

Love and Hate

12 Steps






Earlier today we were able to catch up with Beyond the Fade’s vocalist, Neil Jackson, for a interview about the new album. You can check out his responses below to get a more in depth view of Welcome the the Pain.

How did the writing of this album change so much compared to other stuff we’ve heard from you guys? I know this one was much more personal. Take us through the writing.

This was the first collaboration I have ever done when writing music. It was hard to wrap my head around writing with other people. I was kind of nervous at the thought of it. I sat back and trusted what the guys were doing. I’m so glad that I did so, as they moved and matured the sound of the band on this album. This is the first time ever I didn’t play guitar on a recording and the first time I didn’t write all the songs on guitar. Jason Tedder sent me a phone recording of what became “Smile” five mins after listening to it. It moved me, and I wrote the lyrics in literally five minutes. I knew this this was going to be a special relationship.

I wrote a few of the tunes and the guys went crazy on making it theirs. 5 of the songs the guys wrote in studio with our producer. On all of the songs they wrote the music to, I was given rough ideas of music and pieces of the songs together. Each one I felt in a different way. They brought memories or feelings to light within my mind, heart, or soul. That began what became one hell of a lyrical journey.

I could go on all day with what the songs are about, but that’s another interview. I will tell you that “12 Steps” is probably the most emotional one for me. I’ve been listening for almost a year now and it still snatches a tear at times. It was my struggle with my addiction of alcohol. I very closely lost my family. It hits hard. Glad to say I’m coming up on 6 years sober.

What songs off the album will we hear at your next show? Why did you pick those?
You will hear every song off of the new album, plus one or two surprises perhaps… We let go of the old songs that we didn’t write together and my mind belonged to the song writers. Songs that we put in place before I came into the band. They were great songs but out of respect we just didn’t feel right moving forward with the songs. Also, our sound has changed dramatically with the addition of Jason and the new material. We messed with with multiple tunings on the album, C, B, and A#. Sounds amazing.

What excites you most about this album?
The new line up of the band excites me; the reaction to people finally having actual music to listen to. The fact that I will once again have people singing with me at the shows. The growth that the music and my lyrics have had. We are taking it to the next level and come this time next year who knows what part of the world we will be in. Come February we are full-time musicians! Can’t wait to show the world who Beyond the Fade is.

Extra tidbits –
I would like to add that Brandon Strickland was an instrumental piece of bringing these songs to life. He really dug deep and brought a whole new approach on his lead work. I’m very proud of him. He also wrote the music for one of my favorites, “Beautiful,” among other tracks.
Our producer is Rick Beato (Shinedown “Leave a Whisper”, and the list goes on and on. He and Ken Lanyon are brilliant!).
I also was pushed so hard in the studio that my voice and vocal range found a whole level I didn’t think I was capable of reaching. I know all the guys have their own experience with this album.

You can buy it here.



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