Sikora: Bernie Sanders, dancing, and sex

Sikora: Bernie Sanders, dancing, and sex

Their mini bio-pic describes them as “if Skrillex and The Red Hot Chili Peppers had a love child, SIKORA would be born,“ but I would have to disagree. If the Skrillex and RHCP were to come together sexually, though, perhaps they’d meet in a club grinding to the harmonic electricity behind SIKORA’s beats.

I would say that this group is much more worldly-influenced than RHCP or Skrillex. I might even say they might be adopted; their real parents are Kylie Minogue and Breathe Carolina. That is to say, their harmonies aren’t always the angelic kind you typically hear sampled in today’s beat music, sometimes they’re just down right moody. Female and male vocalists come together (Liz Forde and Matthew Sikora, respectively) on a bed of atmospheric pop.

In true modern-musician fashion, Sikora allows for a peak at the inner workings and inner goofings of the band via their Youtube page. There you can see live performances, as well as their mini video-bio with clips of them on the road. Some clips even include them in the studio, in a space that seems to play home to both work and play, as seen in the “The One” video. This is a perfect example of how I imagine music really is their life. I can just see them all now, in their pj’s, sleeping in the studio every night.

I can only imagine the mood this group set when opening for a Senator Bernie Sanders’ rally this past primary season.

13672286_10154374897429269_351071464_n (1)
Matthew in Green Room warming up
From the stage, warming up the crowd for Bernie
Feeling the ‘Bern under the marquee!
#twitfromthepit photos via: Liz Forde and Matthew Sikora

“We were asked to play the Bernie Rally literally a few hours before it began as the event was planned the night before! Crazy! Needless to say our media from the day is limited. Attached are few photos we managed to snap from the stage before and after the performance at the Wiltern. The highlight (BY FAR) was when Bernie thanked us before his speech, which Liz managed to get on video before freaking out. Thanks for thinking of us! It was such a huge honor to play for him!” Said Liz.

“I should also mention that we were chosen to perform because of the positive message behind our song, “Haters” which is about anti-bullying and daring to be different!” Liz said.

To dig into their fullest release: Eye Kandi, click here to go to the iTunes store.

Their newest remix, “Summertime,” a cover of Sublime’s own mixed with Moby’s “Porcelain,” turns an already vibe-filled pair of songs into a new mood. I happen to have a squishy spot for mash-ups, and I’ve had enough of the kind that include predictable pairings. This was unexpected.

Here’s their lovely Spotify playlist.

So they’re feeling the ‘Bern, they bring both bedroom music and platonic pop, and they’re too sweet to beat. The question is, will you be there to catch Shutter 16 staff grinding in the pit if Sikora comes to town?



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