7/28/16 Pop Punk Night Club

Does anyone else have a ridiculous dream that you know will never happen but you still fantasize about it every day? Or is that just me? Do I ask too many questions in these things?

Okay, anyway. Back to the original question. One of my super ridiculous dreams (that will never happen) is to own a nightclub that plays 2000s pop punk music.

Ridiculous, right?

What can I say! I will always love that era of pop punk, before some bands started infecting the scene with gross misconducts and such… but I digress. (Hit me up so we can rant about this topic together, okay thanks, bye).

Moving on. My dream. Pop punk nightclub. Lots of dancing. I think it would be the coolest thing to walk into a club and hear “In Too Deep” by Sum 41 and see people straight-up jamming. I’ve been thinking about this imaginary nightclub a lot these days so I decided to dedicate this week’s theme to just that!

Songs I’d Love To Hear In A 2000s Pop Punk Nightclub.

As always, as if this theme wasn’t self-indulgent enough, I added a few deep tracks from some favorites as well as some fresh faces! You’ve gotta have some 2016 pop punk in there, you know?

What songs would you want to hear in this nightclub?



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