7/20/16 Random “Brunch”

Welcome back!  We took a short break, but I’m here and ready to give you a shiny new playlist. This week doesn’t have a theme per se; it’s just a playlist I wanted to share with you guys because I’ve been digging it since the weekend.

I had brunch with a friend on Sunday morning and decided to create a soundtrack equipped with songs that would set the vibe for the vegan blueberry lemon pancakes and smoothie bowls we were about to absolutely annihilate… I mean, eat.  What can I say, we love food.

Of course I threw in a few lifelong favorites, but I tried to keep in mind the kind of space I wanted to create with this list: some folk-y acoustic, some upbeat favs, and a few classics to keep things fresh.  When you look at it without a lens, it’s a pretty random playlist; but I’m into it!

So here you have it: a random “brunch” playlist.

What songs would you add to your brunch playlist? Do people even have brunch anymore? Am I a 90 year old woman?



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