Billy Ocean at the beach

Billy Ocean at the beach

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After another sunny day it seemed a shame that the mist was now rolling in off the sea, but this didn’t bother the lucky ones who had tickets to see Billy Ocean at The Watering Hole in Perranporth. After a recent sold out show in nearby Truro, Billy had made the much anticipated return to the west country. Joining Billy on the bill were a couple of local acts in the form of Company B and Polly Money and it was Polly who had the honor of opening the show. Luckily I had arrived early as the show started twenty minutes earlier than expected.

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I’ve had the pleasure to see Polly several times before and her performances have always impressed me. Her poppy acoustic set is always well received and she always has a smile on her face. Her set tonight contained several songs from her recent release “The Adventures of the 90’s Kid” and they sounded great live. The crowd, who were mostly sat on the sand eventually rose for the last few songs and gave her a big round of applause when her time was up.

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Company B were a band I hadn’t seen before but after hearing so many people saying what a fun band they are to see live I was looking forward to seeing what all the fuss was about. They hit the stage wearing American soldiers World War II uniforms and this look suited their jump jive swing style music. They didn’t have a great deal of room on the Watering Hole stage but used it well as they won over the now packed crowd. I couldn’t name many of the songs in their long set but I did know most of them and I now know what all the fuss was about.

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This isn’t the type of music I would choose to listen to but watching and listening to them was just so enjoyable. Not only was their sound really good but the energy in their performance impressed me. They danced as they played and the crowd joined in with the party mood as they also danced along. When their set came to an end there were shouts from the crowd who wanted more and I got the impression that a lot of the crowd had come to see them as much as Mr Ocean. As most of the band left the stage a few of them jumped down and could be seen shaking hands and high fiving people they knew in the crowd.

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The early start had meant a lengthy delay before Billy and his band took to the stage but as the mist thickened his band made their way onto the stage. They started up the first song and were shortly joined by the main man himself who entered the stage to the biggest cheers of the night. He was all smiles as he waved to the crowd before starting to sing his first song of the night. From the off his voice sounded fantastic and I think the now packed venue realised this as they let out another round of applause. Just as with Company B, I knew a lot of the songs which surprised me a little but also goes to prove just how big a star I had come to see.

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With the low lying mist there seemed little need for a smoke machine but the one at the back of the stage seemed to be working overtime as it bellowed plumes of smoke around the band. A special mention must also be given to Billy’s band and in particular his backing vocalists who also sounded fantastic. As the songs continued the crowd sang their hearts out as they continued to dance the night away. As Billy did a cover of Bob Marley’s, “No woman, No Cry” he gave the crowd the chance to sing back the chorus to him. I was amazed at the volume as everyone joined in and the crowd were nearly as loud as Billy only not quite so tuneful. As the night drew to an end I left happy with the masses and thankfully the mist had cleared a little making it easier to find my way back across the beach. As The Watering Hole keeps drawing the big names to Perranporth I am now waiting patiently to see who’s next and hopefully the sun will be back to light up this beautiful setting.

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