Adelita’s Way Brings the Nevada Heat to Wilmington, NC

Adelita’s Way Brings the Nevada Heat to Wilmington, NC

Photographer: James Geiser (


Fans of Adelita’s Way converged at Ziggy’s by the Sea for a memorable night of live performances from their band as well as a few local favorites. Open Wire opened the show for the crowd, flustered by the 90 degree temperatures inside the venue. They were followed by local favorites, Break the Skyline, who captured the audience’s full attention from the first moment they walked onto the stage. South Carolina band, VillaNova built the anticipation for the main act of the night, playing their unique blend of rap, metal, and funk.

Once Adelita’s Way took the stage the temperature in the club climbed, due to the audience jumping and enjoying the show. Lead singer Rick DeJesus commented during a song break stating, “It’s a little warm in here, but we’re from Vegas, so this isn’t going to stop us.”

The most memorable moment of the night came before the band played “Alive,” when DeJesus told fans to “look to their friends and give them a hug;” a small embrace of gratitude, silence fell over the small venue as crowd responded. It was a single moment in time and a simple action to a friend but a powerful statement by the band.

The band is currently on tour promoting their fifth studio album, Getaway,  they are on tour until September so there are plenty of opportunities left to see the band in action.

Sights from the show –














Full gallery here. Remaining Tour Dates for Adelita’s Way can found here.



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