Charlotte proves love of indie hiphop with Aesop Rock, Homeboy Sandman, Rob Sonic, and DJ Zone

Charlotte Proves Its Love for Independent Hip Hop with Aesop Rock, Homeboy Sandman, Rob Sonic, and DJ Zone

Crowd and Extras 12//

Aesop Rock felt the love last weekend in Charlotte, NC, as he played to a sold out venue.  Aesop’s The Impossible Kid Tour made a stop at the Visulite Theatre and featured Homeboy Sandman, Rob Sonic aka Bobby Freedom, and DJ Zone.

Crowd and Extras 07//

The packed venue was treated to some of the best independent hip hop in the game right now.  Homeboy Sandman opened the show with DJ Zone joining him on stage behind the turntables.  The crowd was nothing but smiles and people singing along.  Homeboy recently dropped a new record, Kindness for Weakness, and I highly recommend that you pick it up now if you haven’t already.  You can keep up with Homeboy over at his facebook page to get the latest news on his activities.

Homeboy Sandman 27// Sandman 17//

Aesop kept the hype going as he took the stage with Rob Sonic, and DJ Zone pulling double duty.  He opened his set with “Mystery Fish” which is the first track off his new record,The Impossible Kid.  Most of the songs immediately following were from the new record, which might be some of his strongest work to date, but he soon started to mix in the classics as well as some Rob Sonic songs as well.  They threw the spotlight on DJ Zone a few times so he could showcase his skills on the ones and the twos.

Aesop Rock 24// Rock 22//

The stage was set with wildlife and nature props; including trees, a campfire, moss/grass/vines, birds, and even a deer or two.  He showed love for the deer in the form of a hug as they discussed how over the course of the tour the deer had started turning more and more towards the crowd.. and then he broke it’s legs, accidentally of course.  Once he repaired the deer, it was back to the music.  He closed the show with some of my favorites; “Nightlight/Daylight,” “None Shall Pass,” and “Get out of the Car.”

Aesop Rock 04// Rock 39//

The encore brought Homeboy Sandman back to the stage where the two emcees performed songs from their split EP, Lice.  Afterwards, both Homeboy and Aesop came out to their merch tables and met anyone that wanted to meet them.  It’s always refreshing to see artists come out and actually give their fans the chance to speak with them directly, because it’s something I feel like I don’t see that often anymore, especially with bigger artists.  Both Homeboy and Aesop stuck around for handshakes, hugs, and selfies with their fans until the venue had emptied out.

Aesop Rock 34// and Extras 05//
Aesop Rock 30//

All in all, this was one of the best shows I’ve been to in 2016… 2015 and 2014 as well.  It was a wonderful night and genuinely proves that Charlotte has the audience for more independent and underground hip hop artists to come through.  Let’s hope those artists take notice.  Be sure to catch this tour if it stops in your area.  You’ll enjoy it, I promise.

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