6/15/16 #GRLPWR

Welcome back to another playlist full of killer songs put together by the Shutter 16 staff!  This week, we’re focusing on all of the awesome ladies in the music biz who are killin’ it. Whether they are a frontwoman, dummer, bassist, or a combo of all three, we’ve got tons of super talented female artists on deck this week. Some bands are made of all females, some are simply female-fronted, while other women of rock can be found on the drums, keys, bass, and elsewhere.

This week’s theme was inspired by a few things! There’s a super awesome weekly radio show that is run by one of the coolest people I know: Sara Scoggins. She hosts a show called Let’s Talk Music with Scoggs on Idobi Radio every Tuesday at 9pm and as of late, there have been themes to her show! People are encouraged (and always do) to tweet, email, or message her with song requests and if you aren’t familiar with the show, check it out ASAP. I talked with Scoggs last year about the show and it’s grown so much since!

Last week’s theme was “international bands” and she air decided on-air that this week’s theme was, you guessed it, female-fronted bands! Somewhere along the the theme was lost and last night’s show was theme-free, but I decided to keep it alive. I took it a small step further and decided to include all female members, although I owe the theme to Scoggs nonetheless! It also doesn’t hurt that I’m seeing CHVRCHES and Wet this week. Ugh, I am SO excited.

I have to admit, there are some repeat artists in the list this week, but I just couldn’t imagine them not being on such a cool collection of songs. We’ve also got A LOT of Charlotte’s own in here!

Since we present these playlists to you via Spotify, some artists can’t be included in the playlist since their music isn’t on the app.  There are two artists in particular that you should for sure check out, even though they aren’t on Spotify. Dear Ears is a trio of talented ladies from Vine and one of them lives in Charlotte! They’re all in New York doing some DE business and I’m so excited to see where this band goes. Wildernessa is the brainchild of Karsyn & Collin Dupree. Collin is brother to the family band that is Eisley, so you know this band is going to be amazing. Wildernessa is fairly new and are on their way to releasing a lil’ EP soon!


Who are your favorite female bands?

Have a theme you want us to cover? Hit us up! We’re always looking for new music!



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