Daughter Owned The Night At The Neighborhood Theatre

Daughter Owned The Night At The Neighborhood Theatre

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Neighborhood Theatre was packed Thursday night and with good reason. London, England’s Daughter played to a packed house with support from Richmond, VA’s Lucy Dacus.

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Lucy Dacus plays indie folk rock, and her sound was perfect as the supporting act for a band like Daughter. This was my first exposure to Lucy and her band and I was thoroughly impressed by what I heard. Lucy is currently on tour all over the country, so there’s a good chance you can catch her on the road and see/hear for yourself.

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Daughter is a band that I fell in love with a couple years back. I was doing homework at around 2 am, and had become bored with the music in my playlist. I went to Youtube, typed in an artist I enjoyed and just let autoplay do the rest. After around an hour of autoplay, I fell in love with several new artists. One song grabbed my attention, so I looked up from my pre-calculus book to look. It was a song called “Smother” by a band called Daughter. I don’t think I got anymore homework done that night because I spent the next three hours watching live videos and listening to everything I could find. I fell in love with “Smother” that night and it’s been one of my favorites since.

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Several months ago, a buddy of mine mentioned that he was excited to see Daughter soon, and I figured he would be traveling and catch them while out of the state/country. I asked out of curiosity where he would be seeing them, and was shocked when he said Neighborhood Theatre. I spent the next few months patiently waiting for this past Thursday to get here. I was not disappointed.

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Older music from Daughter has a more folk-influenced sound, but recent releases have a more dream-pop influenced indie rock sound. However you try to describe their music, it’s fantastic. Elena Tonra’s voice and lyrics are simply breathtaking; it’s the kind of stuff that could stop the toughest guy in his tracks so he could get that twig out of his eye that’s causing all those tears. Guitarist Igor Haefeli and drummer Remi Aguilella seem to work perfectly with Elena’s vocals, and the three come together to make some of the most beautiful music you could ever hear.

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The crowd at Neighborhood Theatre was entranced as Daughter played their music for the first time in Charlotte. I saw people singing along, I saw huge smiles, I saw teary eyes. I saw, in everyone else, what I have felt numerous times while listening to this band. When they played “Smother” I decided to just let my camera take a break because I didn’t want anything to distract me from what I was seeing and hearing. During the quietest part of the song, there was a special guest on the vocals, as it had become so moving that even this fellow had to take part in it.

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I’ve seen lots of bands play, but I think Daughter would be one of the best that I’ve seen thus far. Their tour schedule has them all over the place over the coming months, but you can keep up with where they’ll be on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ohdaughter) or Twitter (twitter.com/ohdaughter). Make sure you see this band play if they’re anywhere near you. I can’t recommend it enough.

Remaining Tour Dates (Daughter):

Remaining tour dates (Lucy Dacus):




Jun 15

The Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason Theater

Miami Beach, FL

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Jun 16

The Ritz YBOR

Ybor City, FL

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Jun 18

House of Blues New Orleans

New Orleans, LA

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Jul 19

Johnny Brenda’s

Philadelphia, PA

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Jul 21

The Basement

Columbus, OH

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Jul 22

The Hi-Fi

Indianapolis, IN

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Jul 27

Thalia Hall

Chicago, IL

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Aug 07

Tractor Tavern

Seattle, WA

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Aug 08

Mississippi Studios

Portland, OR

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Aug 10

Rickshaw Stop

San Francisco, CA

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Aug 11

The Echo

Los Angeles, CA

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Aug 13

The Casbah

San Diego, CA

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Aug 14

Valley Bar

Phoenix, AZ

Tickets & More

Aug 16

Stubb’s BBQ

Austin, TX

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Aug 17

Three Links

Dallas, TX

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Aug 19

The Basement

Nashville, TN

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Aug 20


Atlanta, GA

Tickets & More

Sep 17

The Sinclair

Cambridge, MA

Tickets & More

Sep 19

Mod Club Theatre

Toronto, Canada

Tickets & More

Sep 23

MidPoint Music Festival

Cincinnati, OH

Tickets & More



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