New Jersey’s Lost in Society and Sink Tapes high school reunion

New Jersey’s Lost in Society and Sink Tapes high school reunion
Local wildmen, the Chalkies, were in attendance as well

Lost in Society 06

On two completely different tours, Lost in Society and Sink Tapes — both hailing from the same area of New Jersey — found themselves on the same bill at a venue in Charlotte, North Carolina; Lost in Society wrapping up their tour, and Sink Tapes still just getting warmed up with their tour down the east coast. Lost in Society’s Zach Moyle announced on stage during their set, “Sink Tapes, we went to highschool with those guys. We didn’t plan this… we just happened to be playing the same show together in a different part of the country, so that’s really cool.”

Lost in Society 10Lost in Society ( plays melodic punk rock, and it’s kinda wonderful. Reminds me of the kind of punk bands that got me into punk rock, and I’ll always have a special place for any band that plays that sort of stuff. Their high-energy live show fits their sound perfectly, and one that I would highly recommend seeing given the opportunity. I spoke briefly with the band after the show and got the chance to ask how their tour had gone.

Lost in Society 11

“It’s been incredible. This is the first tour we’ve done where the kids in the crowd are singing along with us at every show. Not just friends, but people that we’ve never seen at our shows before.. they’re singing along with all of the words and that’s an incredible feeling.” – Zach Moyle

Lost in Society 17

It’s obvious that this trio from Asbury Park are incredibly grateful for the support of their fans, and from what I can tell they deserve it. This was the last date of their current tour, but you can catch them Saturday, June 11, in Asbury Park at Punk Rock Bowling. For those of you that can’t make it to PRB, don’t worry, they should be back out on the road again before the end of the year so make sure you stay up to date with these guys by giving them a like on Facebook.

Lost in Society 23

Sink Tapes plays indie rock, that has a garage punk feel to it.

Sink Tapes 16

They’re a bit more laid back than the other bands on the show, but don’t let that make you think they’re not a blast to see.

Sink Tapes 18

This was my first time hearing the band and with the first song, I found myself nodding my head and tapping my foot. They’re just plain good.

Sink Tapes 09

This is the type of stuff you can play while you sit back and relax, or while you’re out with your friends and it’s gonna sound right.

Sink Tapes 06

These guys still have a bit of their tour left, so make sure you check them out of you see your area listed below. If you appreciate quality indie rock, this is a band you should pay attention to.

// 03

Local boys, the Chalkies, came to get wild. They got wild. You know it’s always a good show when your vocalist ends up on stage with no pants. Straight up punk rock and roll.

Chalkies 28

They’re one of my favorite local bands to see live because I know they’re gonna put on one hell of a show, and I’ll end up laughing and smiling the whole time they play.

Chalkies 06

Charlotte has some really great bands, and I’ve written about some of my favorites already with previous shows, so I’m really stoked that I’m finally getting to sine a little light on one of the best that Charlotte has to offer, Chalkies.

Chalkies 27

Words don’t really do the live show any justice, so hopefully the photos can give you an idea of what they’re about until you get the opportunity to see them for yourself. Listen to these guys, and go see them play.Chalkies 26

Full gallery of the night can be seen here.


Remaining tour dates:

Chalkies 18

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