Who Is The National Parks?

Who Is The National Parks?


Although The National Parks haven’t been in the music scene long, they’ve made their indie presence known by holding their own on a few major charts. Their first full-length, Young, debuted at #13 on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart in 2013; the band saw additional success from their standalone single “As We Ran,” released in January 2014, as well. They toured and wrote music throughout the year and into 2015, where their second full-length album Until I Live found a home on both the iTunes Pop Chart and Billboard’s Heatseeker’s Chart. It’s now 2016 and The National Parks are spreading their catchy choruses and heavenly harmonies across the United States.

“We have been very busy and we love it,” stated frontman Brady Parks. “We love being able to hit the road and visit fans in different places, and because of that I think we’ll be touring until the end of the year.”


It seems as if the Utah natives have done more touring in the past few years than plenty of high-profile acts, and as a result, they’ve collected stories, experiences, and plenty of memories to last them a lifetime.

“One of the most humbling things is to go play in a city where you aren’t completely sure what to expect as far as turnout; you don’t even know if anyone in that city has heard of the band,” stated Parks.  “But then we walk out to take the stage, the venue is full, and everyone is singing every word to every song. That is the thing that blows me away the most and I feel so grateful for that.”

No wonder the five-piece have been touring so long; with memories like that, how can you wish for anything else?

Despite their hard work, both in the studio and on stage, The National Parks knows how to have a good time.  One of the band’s fondest memories of tour occurred after a show in Idaho when the venue staff left while the band was loading the bus.

“We played an old theater, and after the show was over and we had loaded up the bus, we realized that everyone had left… including the venue owner,” remembered Parks. “So instead of leaving right away, we played hide-and-go-seek. It was wild.”


It’s stories like this that keep The National Park’s grounded. Many bands will share stories that inflate their ego a tad more each time they tell it, but The National Parks chooses to take a different route. Every now and again, band members, as well as their manager, will post on their website and give fans a small look into what their lives are like on the road, in the studio, or wherever they might be. They call this portion of their website “Band Notes,” and for whatever reason, this title holds some kind of intimacy; in my eyes, it is more personal than a blog.

Scrolling through the page, you’ll find anecdotes like the hide-and-go-seek memory above, as well as various thoughts running through the minds of the National Park’s family.  Their most recent post, written by their manager, worked through his thoughts on song interpretations (to be very brief). I think having this post prelude the rest of the notes in fitting, and although the next update will bump it down, I can only hope it will continue to be read, whether by fans of the band or through random Internet searches.

I’ve included the end of the essay below because not only does it encompass what it means to love music, but it also embodies the very essence of The National Parks. Give this band a listen and you’ll know what this excerpt means:

“I think that when music becomes art it somehow pulls together a mix of sounds and words in a way that encourage us to look square at this big bustling world and say, ‘Sheesh what an intricate murky mess,’ but also, ‘hey wait maybe it’s actually sorta beautiful from this angle,’ and maybe even, ‘wow it sure is nice to know that someone else is seeing this because for a while there it felt like I was going through this thing alone.’”

Catch them on tour at a city near you:





National Parks Night with Terry Tempest Williams

Salt Lake City, UT


The Hi Dive

w/ Jenn Blosil

Denver, CO


Ogden Twilight Concert Series

w/ Peter Björn & John,…

Ogden, UT


SOFAR Sounds

Chicago, IL



Cleveland, OH


Rockwood Music Hall

w/ Jenn Blosil

New York, NY



Washington, DC


The Prophet Bar

Dallas, TX


Oyster Ridge Music Festival

Kemmerer, WY


Columbia City Theater

Seattle, WA


White Eagle

w/ Jenn Blosil, Paper…

Portland, OR


Goosenecks Music Festival

w/ Purity Ring, Jukebox…

Torrey, UT



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