In The Neighbourhood with The NBHD

In The Neighbourhood with The NBHD


When we pulled up to The Fillmore, your local neighborhood hot spot for great concerts, we knew from the long lines that it was going to be a packed show. Talking with fans in line, some had been camped out since 1am just to be first in line as well as front row, center stage for The Neighbourhood.
kevinabstract4WM// Abstract from Corpus Christi, Texas, has mastered pulling from his personal struggles and pouring it into his work. His sound is definitely Hip Hop but with so many different elements infused into it. Abstract has an effortless chill and sounds reminiscent of old school rappers and maybe a dash of Kanye but without the douchebag complex. His performance matched his chill but he got the crowd moving, especially during the song where he shouts “I love my mom but I hate my boyfriend.”  Along with a DJ, an American flag flying shirtless dude, Emo friend on the speaker, Abstract also had a creepy chick with her hair covering her face just sitting in a chair. I must say, the creepy chick seemed amiss to me. Kevin Abstract, I would love to know the concept behind her stage presence, it’s intriguing me.  MTV1987 is the name of his new album, check it out on Soundcloud.

Jahkoy Palmer, aka JAHKOY from Toronto, Canada is a double threat from Def Jam Recordings. Not only can JAHKOY rap, he can also sing! But rapping and singing are just the beginning. He has introduced a reggae vibe into some of his songs, making them dance hall worthy.  JAHKOY performed with tons of enthusiasm and got the fans hopping. He had quite the entourage on stage including DJ 24Hours(@thereal24hours).  I bet you will hear JAHKOY jams coming through the clubs if they aren’t all ready. If you don’t catch him on tour with The NBHD, shoot for the Billboard Hot 100 Music Festival in August, JAHKOY is definitely very talented and one to watch.


Truth be told, I have been hating on Hip Hop and Rap for a minute; I grew up listening to rap and hip hop from the 90’s and most of what is coming out now is just not the same. If Kevin Abstract and JAHKOY keep it coming like they are, I will definitely change my tune.

The Neighbourhood (The NBHD), is a rock band running through several genre charts including Billboard and USA Today’s Alternative Chart. The NBHD put out a new album titled Wiped Out, that came out this past fall, and it’s making waves with the likes of “R.I.P. 2 My Youth” and “Cry Baby.” Though their website and most of the things they do visually online are all in black and white, their music is not just black and white. It is an intricate and colorful mix of alternative, rock, and a little bit of r&b, making their sound one for many. The NBHD includes the likes of Jesse Rutherford vocals, guitarists Jeremy Freedman and Zach Shane Abels, bassist Mikey Margott, and drummer Brandon Fried. It is rarely said that an artist or group sounds just as good live as they do on record but in this case, it is very much true. Being from California, you can definitely hear the influence in their style. Rutherford’s gitty high pitched shouts in the midst of songs are welcoming, cute in fact. Drummer Fried went all out with a lengthy, and high energy solo in the midst of  a mind blowing and seizure inducing light display. One thing for sure, the lighting at The Fillmore is fantastic!!  I loved the mix of songs played from their past album and new album. My absolute favorite song of the night was Prey and the highlight of the night- singer Rutherford’s moves(I bet he made every girl front row blush at least once!). I can see why undergarments were flung at the stage; to whomever threw their bra right at Rutherford’s head, nice shot!!

TheNbhd2WM// only will The Neighborhood continue touring through the US, they are also taking their tour over seas to Italy, Poland, Germany, UK, etc.


See full gallery here.

Catch The NBHD on tour:



 Location  Tickets

May 31

Arvest Bank Theatre at the Midland

Kansas City, MO


Jun 01

The Pageant

Saint Louis, MO


Jun 03

The Pabst Theater

Milwaukee, WI


Jun 04

Bunbury Music Festival

Cincinnati, OH


Jun 07

Egyptian Room – Old National Centre

Indianapolis, IN


Jun 08

Newport Music Hall

Columbus, OH


Jun 10


Brooklyn, MI


Jun 11

House of Blues

Cleveland, OH


Jun 13

The Town Ballroom

Buffalo, NY

Sold Out

Jun 14

Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel

Providence, RI


Jun 15

Terminal 5

New York, NY

Sold Out

Jun 17

College Street Music Hall

New Haven, CT


Jun 18

Firefly Festival

Dover, DE


Aug 13

Summer Well Festival

Bucharest, Romania


Aug 15

Sziget 2016

Budapest, Hungary


Aug 16

Riegrovy Sady

Prague, Czech Republic


Aug 18

Pukkelpop Festival

Hasselt, Belgium


Aug 19

MS Dockville Festival

Wilhelmsburg, Germany


Aug 20

Krakow Live Festival

Krakow, Poland


Aug 21

Lowlands Festival

Biddinghuizen, Netherlands


Aug 23

Ama Music Festival

Venice, Italy


Aug 24

Zurich Openair

Zurich, Switzerland


Aug 26

Reading Festival

Reading, United Kingdom


Aug 27

Leeds Festival 2016

Leeds, United Kingdom






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