Windows Down! 5/25/16

Welcome! Starting this week, Shutter 16 will be providing you with weekly playlists to fuel your music obsession. This week’s theme: songs you HAVE to listen to with the car windows all the way down.  Alright, I know it’s a lengthy and kind of specific theme, but you have to follow my instructions carefully. One of my favorite things to do is drive around town as the sunset bleeds orange and pink onto the clouds and my music playing as loud as my car will let me; I’ve wasted a lot of gas speeding through back roads.

This playlist has a song for everyone, whether you’re looking for a mellow song to zone out to or a classic headbanger. There are bands everyone knows and bands you might not know but definitely should. We’ve even got some locals on the list! If you haven’t given Serfs or Mineral Girls an honest listen, you are seriously missing out on quality music. Get to it.

Feel free to press shuffle or enjoy it in order; just make sure your windows are down and you’ve got some time to drive!

Let us know what songs you like listen to with the car windows down!

Have a suggestion for a playlist? Hit us up!



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