Sumerian Records 10 Year Tour

Sumerian Records 10 Year Tour

Writer/Photographer:  Kevin Daniels of XIIIth.PVD

Sumerian Records started in 2006, hence the 10 Year Tour, signing bands like Born Of Osiris, Veil Of Maya, After The Burial, and The Faceless. Later on the term “SumerianCore” was coined due to the sound of the bands Sumerian was signing. In this, they started a wave of signing Deathcore & Djent bands that hasn’t stopped to this day, and so many other record labels have tried to get a piece of and copy. This all brings us to the Sumerian 10 Year Tour, which had 2 legs, the first lineup was an assortment of old and new bands on the label through the decade. Which included Born Of Osiris, Veil of Maya, After the Burial, Erra, and Bad Omens. The second tour replaced Veil Of Maya with Upon a Burning Body, and was a direct response to the cry out of fans wanting the tour to hit their city, Charlotte just so happen to be one of those lucky cities.


Amos’ Southend hosted the night of heavy riffing, moshing, and utter chaos. Although a series of rain storms had blanketed the Charlotte area, it didn’t dampen the turnout for the night. As doors open and the venue fills up Exiles, the local opener, took the stage. The crowd response was on par with several of the lineup’.

By the end of Exiles performance, the venue was filling up, yet still had fans pouring in even when the next band took the stage, Bad Omens. Probably the newest band to Sumerian on the bill, with a sound similar to Asking Alexandria meets Bring Me The Horizon.


They played from their recent release through Sumerian including their single “Glass House” and “Exit Wounds”, and the crowd loved it.
BadOmens@Amos-05.20.16-12// up was Erra, a Progressive Metalcore, a band that has been touring non-stop since their signing with Sumerian a few years ago, regardless of lineup changes. Erra@Amos-05.20.16-02 The energy and technicality that Erra has on stage is almost unbelieveable. They, to me, are one of those bands you hear their music on the record and don’t expect them to be so on point with it live. Erra@Amos-05.20.16-29//

Halfway through the bill and Upon A Burning Body, a Texas deathcore band, took the stage with so much fire and weight behind their music you literally feel a push back from the sound system; playing their hits like “Bring the Rain”, “Sin City”, and “Intermission.”

Upon A Burning Body@Amos-05.20.16-16

Front man Danny Leal, told the fans to represent where they’re from, just like they always do, and ended with “Texas Blood Money.”
Upon A Burning Body@Amos-05.20.16-12// steal a reference from Street Fighter, a “Sonic Boom” went off the moment After The Burial kicked off their set, “Contortionist” being one of the highest energy songs of their set. After The Burial@Amos-05.20.16-01 Front man Anthony Notarmaso took a break in between the set to dedicate “Aspirations” to the crowd in tribute to the passing of their starting member Justin Lowe who took his life due to mental health issues. Stating “…this goes out to everyone who keeps fighting, we all know life is hard and have to keep going… This is for you.” //

After The Burial@Amos-05.20.16-15
Capping the night the headliners, Born Of Osiris took the stage after the crowd chanted “ B O O, B O O, B O O.”

Born Of Osiris@Amos-05.20.16-01

With a blaring sound and a light show to match, Born Of Osiris showed why they were not only the headliner, but also why Sumerian has stood for a decade as an “It” record label. Playing oldies like “Abstract Art”, “Open Arms to Damnation”, “Bow Down” alongside new jams like “The Other Half Of Me” and “The Sleeping and the Dead”.

Born Of Osiris@Amos-05.20.16-23

The latter being played for the first time since the release of their last album on this tour.
Born Of Osiris@Amos-05.20.16-10

In all, this was an amazing show showcasing the range of talent Sumerian has cultivated over the years.

Born Of Osiris@Amos-05.20.16-12

See full gallery here.

See this tour!

Date Venue Location
May 24 Waiting Room Buffalo, NY Tickets  
May 25 Revolution Bar & Music Hall Amityville, NY Tickets  
May 26 The Webster Hartford, CT Tickets  
May 27 The Lab at GameChangerWorld Howell, NJ Tickets  
May 28 Reverb Reading, PA Tickets  
May 29 Park Street Saloon Hilliard, OH

Born Of Osiris
After the Burial
Upon A Burning Body
Bad Omens



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