Miu Haiti: ReverbNation brings other-worldly music sass

For the first time, I’m reviewing an artist from Haiti. Miu is precisely what I look for from international acts; this music is not novel, and it is not merely an encapsulation of the home-country. Music like Miu provides a look into the culture of the area, while also expressing the very unique voice of the artist herself.

The sound that Miu succeeds in creating is a kind of sassy hopefulness. Her music comes with a mixture of fun beats, swaggering lyrics (albeit it in Haitian creole), and an easy-going rhythm. Her content ranges from cheating to leaving, and even if you don’t know a lick of French (or creole), you’ll certainly be sucked into the mood of every one of her songs; like watching a foreign soap opera, some topics just transcend language.

Since November last year, this unsigned artist has enjoyed the next stage of her musical career. International fashion designer, Ralph Leroy, contributed to the biggest (and most fantastic) music video for Miu yet: “They Say.” Miu expresses just how much she enjoyed this production:

“We’ve worked together on this project with so many amazing people. That was my first time having such a big professional cast and set. We had a male model, a dancer, an agency for makeup and hair […], light operators, sound operators, two videographers, technicians, support staff[…] It was an amazing experience.”

Check out the video here:

I wanted to learn more about her current music experience, so we emailed a bit. See the interview below:

What company did you recently start working with?

[…]“Music of the Sea Inc”  […]was very appreciative of my music and excited to collaborate with me. They will be working on placing my music on commercials, movies, TV shows etc. I really hope this collaboration will bring many commercial contracts to me.


Where in the US can we hope to catch you touring soon? And when?

At the moment we are aiming for Florida and New York, since we just started a new process, we cannot confirm any date yet. We will announce on social media, so the public has to stay connected.

Rumor has it that you hope to have two music videos out this year, what kind of videos can we expect?

A couple of days ago, I was working on my summer project, with again, such a wonderful team. We have just shoot the video of a my new song in which a local celebrity rapper is featured. It has a very fun and groovy sound. And I am also working on a second project with other local stars. These are two upbeat songs that I know music lovers are going to enjoy. And as usual it’s a mix of different sounds and grooves.


With so much excitement to talk about, and a seemingly unending supply of enthusiasm from Miu, I was still curious about how things were in Haiti.



Are you currently in Haiti, and if so, what are the living conditions since the 2010 earthquake?

Haiti is currently my main residency. I was there for the 2010’s earthquake, it was like living an apocalyptic scene, like the ones we see in movies, except that the reality is much more horrible. We’ve been lucky to receive the help of the international’s first response, our leaders have made their best to put the infrastructures back on track, we’ve made some progress, knowing that we have limited resources. However, there’s still more work to be done. Unfortunately, today we’re back to the political instability stage, that is not helping in any way. Fortunately we still have creative people to inspire, relieve some stress and give hope to the population.


How does music help you with the difficult times in life?

Music has always been my safe place since a very young age. I was the kind of child that keeps her pain, doubts, worries to herself, I didn’t like to open up to other people, so I used to isolate myself so I can write everything that was going on in my mind and also sing. The process was simple: write for healing and sing for relief. It was like a therapy to the insecure little girl that I was. Now music is my poison and my antidote. Sometimes I struggle with the hustle, and at times, music is the only thing that makes me feel accomplished and brings me so much joy, I’m addicted to it.


What do you hope your music brings to your fans?

I want my music to be for my fans what it is for me essentially, a safe place. The moment when you forget about everything else and you just be free, you just be you.


Final question: If your music were a dinner, what would it be?

If my music were a meal it would be a local meal called “Tchaka,” it a mixture of many different meats, with corn, peas, many different vegetables like spinach, and lots of spices — stir in a pot. I know it sounds weird but trust me it’s delicious.



Anything else we need to know?

I’ve started working on the next album. However, I don’t want to announce when it will come out, because I don’t want to rush it, I want to take my time to produce something I’m proud of and that can make the fans be proud of me and my work. In the meantime, stay tuned for the summer song.


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