Miccoli: A Force to be Reckoned With

Miccoli: A Force to be Reckoned With


Growing up with siblings can be challenging, but it can be inspiring and extraordinary as well.  There’s a bond that cannot be reciprocated in any other relationship, creating a tie that can only be understood by each other.  Many musicians tend to classify their relationship with band mates the same way; a special bond only understood by one another.  When siblings decide to come together and make music, that unspeakable bond is amplified and becomes an unstoppable force like no other.  Enter: Miccoli.  A trio of siblings originating from Birmingham, Miccoli is a force to be reckoned.

Meet Adriano, Alex, and Francesca Miccoli, three siblings who have been around music their entire lives.  A younger Adriano and Alex worked as stage hands in a major arena in Birmingham and learned the ins and outs of live music, all while cultivating a desire to create their own. After deciding to start a band with their sister, the group got down to business and started to make music with each other.

Fast forward to 2016 and Miccoli has created an undeniably whimsical presence on the Internet. Their YouTube page is filled with covers, music videos, original songs, and acoustic versions of audience favorites.  The comment sections under many of their videos are peppered with pleas for Miccoli to visit various states and countries, and their Facebook page is riddled with praises from around the world.  For a band who hasn’t released a full-length EP, Miccoli sure knows how to attract a crowd.  Their most recent single, “Addiction,” has a freshly released music video and is quickly gaining traction among several social media sites, with over 5,000 views on YouTube and a combined 1,000+ likes and shares on Facebook.

What makes this band so unique are the vocal abilities of all three siblings. Miccoli does not rely on instruments to convey their message or fill the silence.  Their gentle music simply amplifies their whimsical vocals, creating melodies that sound otherworldly.  Miccoli’s own music is a melodious mix of heartfelt lyrics and soothing guitars and keyboards, while their covers are as unique as their name.  Popular songs, like Keane’s “Somewhere Only We Know” and Imagine Dragons’ “Demons,” are given a haunting remake as the trio offers new meaning to the act of covering a song.

miccoli 2

If you’re a fan of harmonies like I am, you’ll appreciate the talent Miccoli demonstrates in every single song. Every last one. Unique melodic runs coat every note as the brothers play off of each other’s vocals while Francesca offers a soothing support behind them.  Every run is meticulously created and perfectly executed, even in their live videos.  The talent in this family runs deep and is something to look out for in 2016.  Keep your eye on Miccoli, America, they’re heading for the big leagues.



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