Jason Jet: on the runway of the Charlotte hiphop scene

Jason Jet [jay-sun jeh-tt]: musical artist who is currently striving to create a thriving environment for his own creations, but also the creations of those around him.


#twitfromthepit via Molly Shores with Jason Jet
Like most people in Charlotte leaning more than 1-degree left of the ‘moderate’ political standing, we’re getting tired of the corporate and conservative pull in the area. From the lack of funding for cultural and artistic programs, to the general malaise toward minority groups, Charlotte could be doing better.

Artists like Jet are a sign of people doing better. Without disregarding the shadows of the scene, artists like him are building toward a better tomorrow for musicians and audiences alike.

Learn more about him and his work in the impromptu podcast below.

*Update* Saturday May 21, he will be performing at the Prosperity Food Truck Rally! See more here.

For some first-hand fun and a chance to be in a music video, check out this Jason Jet event in South Carolina at Kate’s skating rink:

For more videos and music from Jason Jet, check out his website here.



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