Benefit show for World Famous Milestone benefits fans even more

Benefit show for World Famous Milestone benefits fans even more

The longest running venue on the east coast isn’t in NYC, or Boston, or Miami, or any of the other places you might think of. No, the longest running venue on the east coast is located on the west side of Charlotte, NC. The World Famous Milestone Club, located at 3400 Tuckaseegee Rd, has been going since 1969 and has hosted countless bands; some you’ve never heard of, and some that have literally shaped the face of underground music for close to half a century.

Crowd 06

Recently some bad news hit Charlotte area music fans, as it was announced that we were in danger of losing this beloved venue. For most of us, this “Ghetto Fortress” has served as a second home at some point in time. Many of us have made life-long friendships and memories that will never slip away inside this small building. For me personally, the Milestone was where I saw some of my favorite bands as a kid, and got to share a stage with my friends growing up as I played really bad punk rock and hardcore to anyone that was willing to listen.

Losing the Milestone isn’t exactly an option for a lot of us. As things tend to do in time, the structure is wearing out and in tremendous need of renovations. Charlotte has stepped up and started raising money in order to make sure generations to come get to enjoy this incredible place through donations, fundraisers, and benefit shows hosted at the Milestone. Saturday night was a benefit show featuring some of the best music North Carolina has to offer.

Now, due to a scheduling conflict, I arrived late and unfortunately missed the first band, Charlotte’s own Extermination Rite; who, in my opinion are one of the best up and coming hardcore punk bands I’ve listened to in a long time. Raw, fast, and pissed off, Extermination Rite is like taking a boot to the teeth. There is a demo track at but if you want to hear more, your only current option is to catch a live show. I recommend catching a live show.

Funeral Chic 10

Funeral Chic plays blackened crust, with some elements of d-beat, hardcore, and grind mixed in. If you’re looking for one word to describe them, I’d suggest the word “heavy” because that’s exactly what they are.

Funeral Chic 12

If you don’t believe me, find out for yourself at I’ve seen them several times and they continue to get better with each show. Get into these guys.

Andy the Doorbum 08

Andy the Doorbum. This was my first time seeing Andy the Doorbum. I had no clue what to expect, and with that being said I still didn’t expect what I saw or heard. It’s a show that honestly needs to be seen in person because I don’t think words or photos do it justice. Musically, ATDB reminds me a bit of Tom Waits, and I like that. When the performance started I honestly didn’t take any photos for a few minutes because I just wanted to really take in what I was seeing. I ran into a buddy last night while I was out and we were talking about how good this show was and at almost the same time we both made a statement about how incredible ATDB was.

Andy the Doorbum 01

“I’m still in such a daze after seeing Andy The Door Bum’s set last night. I hereby vow, I will NEVER miss seeing him again.” – Tye Wallace.

Like I said, words and photos don’t do it justice, just listen, and go see him. Experimental folk performance art is the only way I can begin to describe it, but it’s incredible.

Scowl Brow 32

Now, let me preface this by saying, I love this band in awful lot. Scowl Brow. If I have anyone ever ask for music suggestions, my go-to response is Scowl Brow.

Scowl Brow 17

My personal opinion is that they are hands down the best band in the Carolinas, as well as the southeast in general.

Scowl Brow 35

The energy at their shows, the incredibly well written and catchy music, lyrics that tell stories steeped with pure emotion, and three of the raddest human beings I’ve ever had the opportunity to meet.

Scowl Brow 37

I don’t think I can say enough good things about Scowl Brow. If you’re not already listening to them on a regular basis, I promise you that will change. Go to and get ready to check out your new favorite band. Learn the words, find out when they’re playing next, go see them, get covered in beer, and sing along with these three fine gentlemen.


Young and in the Way. There’s a good chance that if you’re reading this, you already know what these guys are about. Blackened crust. Loud. Fast. Furious. Intense. The Charlotte-area five piece pulls no punches; rather throws them. Their music is well written and heavy, and meant to rip your head off. The talent contained in this band means they can do just about anything they want, and it’s going to work for them.


They’ve played all over the world, and recently came off a north American tour with Norwegian black metal heavyweights, Taake. There’s something great to be said for a band of this magnitude still coming together with other locals and playing a benefit show for a venue that helped them get their start.


Band’s like that are worth supporting.


Tickets for this show sold out before the date of the event. Thanks to the hard work of all of the bands, and the staff at The Milestone, this show raised almost $1600 to help in renovating the Milestone. To learn more about The Milestone, and the current push to save this incredible venue, head over to Share it with your friends, and donate when you’re able. In a city that’s losing music venues left and right, we can’t afford to lose such a historic location. Thank you.

Full gallery of the night here.



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