An interview with Aloha Broha

An interview with Aloha Broha

Full coverage by Bobby Whitmire.

When people think about Charlotte, North Carolina, there’s a good chance that punk rock isn’t their first thought. In fact, most people probably go in an opposite direction and possibly think of banking. ..maybe NASCAR racing? For three Charlotte residents, they’re trying to change that. Meet Adam Griffith, Dave Loebs, and Kevin Riggs; otherwise known as Aloha Broha.

Aloha Broha 01// Broha was formed almost on accident after a day of playing around with a “joke” song between drummer (Dave) and his brother (Andy), back in September of 2007. Several hours after recording their first song, “Skateboard song,” Adam got involved and added his touch. With that Aloha Broha was formed. While Dave and Adam stayed constants in the band, they went through multiple lineup changes until roughly three years ago when Kevin stepped in on guitar and locked the lineup down. The band has released various EP’s and played hundreds of live shows over the years and, through their dedication and determination, become a staple of the Charlotte punk scene.   Aloha Broha 02//

Aloha Broha recently became part of the Mechanical Pig Records family along other local favorites Dollar Signs, DSR, The Seduction, Turd/Cutter, and many others. They released their new EP, Shitiest Gear Here this past April. It was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jonathan Hughes and Dane Abernathy of  Battletracks: Westside Audio, at the World Famous Milestone Club. Currently the band’s biggest focus is writing new material and getting their music out to anyone that wants to listen. They have more releases in the works for 2016, as well as a bit of touring, starting with the last weekend in May where they plan on heading up the east coast.


With the release of Shittiest Gear Here Aloha Broha is in no way “reinventing the wheel.” It is bare bones, pure punk rock. It’s not groundbreaking in the least, but it’s damn good. While it seems like so many bands are looking for the next big thing that’s going to set them apart for 15 minutes, there’s something great to be said for three guys that are instead focusing on playing straight up punk rock, and doing it extremely well. Songs about growing up, drinking too much, and hanging out with friends; it’s something just about all of us can relate to and I think that’s where the appeal is, for me at least.

Aloha Broha 07// present songs that are lyrically very relevant and relatable, while being extremely catchy and fun to listen to. It’s the kind of music that puts a smile on your face and makes you wanna throw your arms around your buddies in the pit while you sing along as loud as you can. Upon my first listen of Shittiest Gear Here it seemed like just another punk record that would end up lost in the shuffle, but with each subsequent listen the EP gets better and better. In my personal experience those are the records that always end up sticking with me, and I have a feeling this will be one that gets heavy rotation in my playlists. My personal favorites are Better Days and Local Bar; the former being a faster, more upbeat song and the latter having a much darker sound to it. Overall, I’d say this is a record that you won’t be disappointed in, especially if you’re fans of bands like Rancid or Operation Ivy.   Aloha Broha 08//

Don’t take my word for it though, instead find out for yourself. Head over to and check out their music, drop a few dollars and get a copy of their new EP, Shittiest Gear Here, and support three good dudes making good music. I’d also highly suggest catching these guys live. If you live in or around Charlotte, that won’t be a tough thing to do because they play regularly and each show is a total blast. For those of you not living locally, you’ll have a few chances to catch them later this year when they hit the road. Your best bet at getting exact dates and locations is to check out their Facebook page and click that little “Like” button so you can keep up with them.

Aloha Broha 12//
One last suggestion from me to you… when you catch Aloha Broha live, make sure you buy them beers. Punks without beers is never a good thing, so don’t let three good punks go without.

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