Worst One-Hit Wonders of the 2000s: He Loves U Not / Blue (Da Ba Dee)

For most of us, there are parts of the ’00s that we don’t really remember too well. Whether it is because we were still wearing diapers, or because of alcohol-induced explosive diarrhea, there are some things we’d like to forget. If you were blue, would you die? Or, without speed, would you be blue? Some blue fellas from beyond are decked out in the cool hue in a song you’ll remember as “Blue” (Da Ba Dee). This song would fall under the category of “I remember it, but what were the lyrics?”

For one-hit-wonder number two, there is DREAM! This, sadly, never came true. Mues points out the history, the story, the behind-the-scenes dirt of this band, put together by Sean Combs and shoved through the machine that is/was/might be MTV and ’00s girl groups.

What nightmares will this video elicit? See what MuesProductions has in store, either a dream come blue, or da ba dee boppers?



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