Daedalus at The Drunken Horse Pub

When locals make headliners cheer

By: Kevin Daniels


Justin Genoble, frontman for Daedalus a Charlotte based blackened tech death band, is sitting shotgun while we drive for two and half hours for a last minute gig. He is keeping me company, helping stave off boredom, and share in a few laughs on this mini road trip. We arrive both butt numb and in high spirits for the last minute scheduled show. Justin sees to the particulars of the venue as I try to waken my legs in the parking lot for the night’s events. Fast forward a bit — sitting at the bar Justin gets a notification on his phone, looks down, and immediately heads outside; the rest of Quartet is here.


They start to load in; Aaron Charlton (drummer) begins to piece his DW set together. The others, Spencer Starnes(guitarist), Christian Chadwick (guitarist), and aforementioned Justin ask for a few beers and wait for the sound check. They are now ready to perform their ep which has been an arduous task fraught with band member changes, rewrites, and even re-recording it for new members.

The show time is at 8:35pm, which gives us a little time to soak in the ambiance of The Drunken Horse Pub. Pool tables in the back of the pub, a fully stocked bar straight ahead of you as you enter, the stage to the left of you, early 2000s deathcore and death metal are being slammed through the sound system making all the guys reminiscence about what age they heard the songs. I must mention apart from the band members and the venue staff, I am the only person here, which is shocking due to the talent that is just standing around in this pub.


Finally Daedalus is up to play, and play they do. As every lick, beat, riff, and growl passes through the speakers I notice that the other band members of WRVTH and SEEKER, the touring acts that booked Daedalus last minute, start to flood the dance floor. By the end of the set, not only do the other bands applaud, but the venue staff do as well.

I think these are the shows that make bands: no one is here but your peers, which is almost more critical of an audience, and yet they won all of them over. After helping clear off the stage and loading the gear back into their trailer, Justin and I start our return trek back home, well for me at least — he has another two hours after that which is why we drove separate from the band. All in all, Daedalus came as I’ve seen time and time again: they play, they wow, they grow in the scene.

See full album here.

Venue: The Drunken Horse Pub( https://www.facebook.com/TheDrunkHorsePub ) Fayetteville, NC

Photographer:  Kevin Daniels- Xiiith Photo Video Design -Xiith PVD (https://www.facebook.com/XIIIthPhotography)

Performance(s) by: Daedalus (https://www.facebook.com/DaedalusNC/)



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