The Cult and Holy White Hounds show you how to put on a concert – The Paramount NY

The Cult and Holy White Hounds show you how to put on a concert – The Paramount NYTheCult_DianeWoodcheke_4-6-2016_45

The Cult is well known for putting on a hard rocking show. So on this evening  they were making a stop on their Alive In The Hidden City Tour at The Paramount in Huntington, NY and eager fans came out to see them on this chilly Spring evening. The nearly sold out show did not have fans lined up down the road waiting to get in, instead the more maturely aged crowd was slow to fill the venue during the opening act.


The opener was the Holy White Hounds, a band hailing out of Iowa, joining The Cult on this United States leg of the tour till April 16.


This quartet is made up of Brenton Dean (vocals/guitar), James Manson (guitar), Ambrose Lupercal (bass), and Seth Luloff (drums). With a hard rocking youthful sound they started their set to a poorly filled room, but those in attendance caught on to their groove and cheered after each song they played. The venue filled nicely as their set continued and their energy on stage increased.


At times Dean and Manson were either jamming on guitar riffs physically back to back with each other or they would even be on their knees face to face. With only a couple more songs to play, Dean said, “Thank you so much for coming out to our show, we are the Holy White Hounds!”


He mentioned that the songs they were playing are coming off their new debut album, Sparkle Sparkle, which will be released on May 6.


At the end of their set the audience cheered and clapped for them, clearly approving of their new fresh music.


With the house lights lit, the general admission floor continued to fill to its capacity and the seats in the mezzanine were mostly taken. Stagehands swiftly prepared the stage for the main act and you could feel the anticipation grow with each passing moment.

One fan was walking around waving a big flag of Argentina, in celebration of the new album The Cult was touring in support of, Hidden City. The house lights soon came down and the stage was light by only aquamarine blue lights for what felt like five minutes, and then the band came out on stage.


Fans roared and cheered as The Cult began the show with the song “Wild Flower.” Packed with energy Ian Astbury (vocals), Billy Duffy (guitar), and John Tempesta (drums) were joined by Grant Fitzpatrick (bass) and Damon Fox (keyboards/guitar). With no air between songs, the band belted out their classic songs along with the new ones throughout their performance, pleasing fans from all eras.


Astbury was very vibrant, regularly jumping about and flinging his long luscious hair. He also frequently grabbed hold of his tambourine and rocked out with the band, all while never removing his sunglasses. Duffy played some mean guitar licks and solos and the rest of the band played effortlessly, rocking hard constantly.


Astbury would occasionally thank the fans after the songs saying, “Thank you, thank you kindly” with his strong English accent, as the fans would cheer and scream so loudly after each song. While playing “Sweet Soul Sister,” midway through the song the house lights came up on the audience as Duffy soloed to them as if he was speaking to them through his guitar.


Then they played “Fire Woman” and the fans went wild, they jumped and danced in their places, as heads were bopping everywhere, all while cell phone were held high to catch a video. They closed out the set with another older hit, “She Sells Sanctuary,” and when the song was over Astbury simple said “Thank you” as he and the band left the stage.


The fans were not ready to leave, they cheered, “Encore, encore!” and within a few moments they were back out on stage. They went right into a new song off of Hidden City, “GOAT.” When the song was over Astbury exclaimed, “That is the current song the radio isn’t playing! This fucking industry!” He spoke for a bit of his frustrations with what the industry deems worthy of airplay. He continued with, “We bring you love and wisdom. We are just five little guys with tour bus coming to you to play our music.” The fans were extremely appreciative of them and their music as they screamed away with arms and metal hands in the air.


The final song they played was “Love Removal Machine,” and when it was over the cheering was deafening. Astbury said to the fans, “Thank you, thank you New York! You never disappoint ever!” The band members all waved and tossed out their guitar picks and drumsticks out to the fans. The fan with the Argentina flag came as close to the stage as he could to hand Astbury his gift, which he gladly took and held high for everyone in attendance to see, he then left the stage himself.


Fans were clearly satisfied by this high-energy performance of their favorite band as the venue slowly cleared out. Gathering in the street after you could hear them speak of getting to hear their favorite song played or how they are enjoying the new release. Anyone in attendance, including myself, would surely recommend seeing these guys live as well as picking up their new release.

Performances by:

Holy White Hounds (

The Cult (

Venue: The Paramount in Huntington, NY (

Photographer/writer: Diane Woodcheke (

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