Mad Monster Party brought Charlotte a religious experience

As March came to an end, and people’s Easter plans began to solidify like a hard-boiled egg, Mad Monster Party brought a bit of undead-zealots of its own. From a post-crucifix Jesus, to Easter bunny roadkill, to the sassy blood-guts-and-gore of the Mad Monster Beauty Pageant; this party pulled out all of the stops. Kevin McGee and Daniel Coston were our eyes and ears at the event, providing the images below.

Along with the visual pizzazz, the panels and guest-signings were a huge draw for attendees.

Mad Monster Party - 02//
Photo via Kevin McGee: What We Do in the Shadows Q&A with Jonathan Brugh and Ben Fransham.

Photo via Daniel Coston: Nichelle Nichols looking as good as ever.

Mad Monster Party - 03//
Photo via Kevin McGee: George Romero panel.

Photo via Daniel Coston: Fans enjoying the reptiles that come through each year

Mad Monster Party - 04//
Photo via Kevin Mcgee: Mis SCarolina, Aubrey Young, greets tiny fan.

Photo via Daniel Coston: Malcom McDowell hasn’t changed much!

Mad Monster Party - 10//
Photo via Kevin McGee: The Kilted Creature performs

Photo via Daniel Coston: Look familiar? This is actor Frank Welker, the man behind the Donnie Darko rabbit mask

Mad Monster Party - 12//
Photo via Kevin McGee: Get Dead Crew (aka Breathing Canvas FX) makes a monster out of man

Founder of Get Dead Crew, Megan Grant, says that this year’s Mad Monster Party was “much like an Easter egg, full of surprises.”

Mad Monster Party - 14//
Photo via Kevin McGee: Chucky and Bride of during costume contest

For Daniel’s full gallery, click here.

For Kevin’s full gallery, click here.

One of the leading men of the entire event, Scott Homewood, declared that this year’s attendance was great, including more people who were in costume! “we are always looking at more interesting people to bring different kinds of experiences and aspects — we can’t wait till next year I hope everyone else has excited about coming next year as we are about putting it together.”

For any future updates for the next Mad Monster Party, including the ones coming closer to your neck of the woods, check up on their website here: Mad Monster Party



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