Mayday Parade and The Maine brought out the Phi Beta fangirls (NY)

Words and images by Diane Woodcheke

On March 18 the American Lines Tour ’16, featuring Mayday Parade and The Maine, hit Long Island at The Paramount in Huntington, NY. With lines around the block just waiting for the doors to open you could feel the anticipation.


Once the venue allowed the crowd to enter there was a frenzy to be the first ones to get their place on the fence. The fans were mostly made up of female college students, but upon closer inspection there was a vast age-range beyond that. It was a sea of fans for both Mayday Parade and The Maine as t-shirts and various merch could be seen worn by most of the audience.


The opening act was The Technicolors, but in reality it was just one Technicolor and the only member to perform this evening was the band’s vocalist and guitarist Brennan Smiley. He did a set of approximately a half an hour of mostly their original songs but Smiley did one cover song by The Doors, “Break On Through.” He won the crowd over, as they would cheer for him after each song he played.


During the short intermission, the venue filled to its capacity. The energy was building and the general admission floor was squeezing closer and closer to the stage.


The lights went dim and the fans went wild. The Maine came out on stage to screaming and cheering fans, which from the moment the first song played they were singing to every word. The band, John O’Callaghan (Vocal/Guitar), Jared Monaco (Guitar), Kennedy Brock (Guitar), Garrett Nickelsen (Bass), and Patrick Kirch (Drums) were joined live with Andrew DeStefano (Keyboards) gave their fans their all with a full energy performance and a great light-show.


O’Callaghan was very interactive with the audience throughout the performance. Early in the set he brought three fans up on stage, two females and one male, to play a role in performing their song “Girls Do What They Want” with them, he asked the girls to say “Girls do what they want,” and the boy to say “Boys do what they can.”


It was a fun moment for the fans and band alike. The fans were overflowing with enthusiasm and in a form release they began to crowd surf.


Near the end of their set O’Callaghan announced, “We are The Maine coming to you from Phoenix. How are you tonight?” with overwhelming cheers, he then shared, “This is where I feel alive! Whatever you do, find what makes you feel alive!” He also thanked The Paramount and everyone who made this all possible for them.


Before the second to last song the band stopped and the house lights came up so they could take a photo with the audience.


The fans were told the photo could be found on their website and social media pages, O’Callaghan even joked about having a Myspace page back in the day. Once their set was over the fans cheered like mad. They performed a total of 16 songs including, “In Your Arms,” “American Candy,” “Same Suit, Different Tie” and “English Girls”.


The intermission that followed was a bit longer than the first, as the stage was being set for Mayday Parade. The fans that rushed to the stage earlier in the night were all glued to the fence and were not about to risk losing their coveted spot. But more fans wearing their Mayday Parade t-shirts did make their way closer to the stage. Once again the lights went dim and the audience went wild. After several minutes the band, Derek Sanders (Vocals), Alex Garcia (Guitars), Brooks Betts (Guitars), Jeremy Lenzo (Bass) and Jake Bundrick (Drums) came out on stage and the cheering was deafening. For this band, the stage lighting was much darker and not as colorfully lit, and unlike when The Maine’s show began, it did not take any time at all for the crowd surfing to begin.


After playing several songs, Sanders strapped on an acoustic guitar. He sang with just the acoustic guitar to the song “Letting Go” for several measures and then the band joined in with him. Once the song was over, he said, “We will do one more acoustic, then we will punch the energy back up again. Please help me sing this song if you can, the song is called ‘Terrible Things’.” From the very first lyric the fans sang along to every word of the song. Cell phones were raised high in the air to either shine a light or to catch a video. Mid-way through the song Sanders exclaimed, “Let’s get your cell phones high in the air, let’s light this place up!” Before ending the song he stopped singing and let the fans take over the lyrics. Once the song was over the fans cheered like crazy and several female fans could be seen wiping tears from their eyes.


The band then kicked it back up into high gear, rocking the fans harder than before. Sanders said, “Thank you so much! I’m feeling so good I’m taking my shoes off!” He continued the rest of the performance that way. Before doing their encore, Sanders said, “Thank you, you guys are beautiful!” He thanked The Paramount and he thanked the audience for coming out, even joked about how they could all be home watching Netflix and he was so grateful that they came out to spend the night with them. They played a total of sixteen songs, which included two encore songs. Their set included “Jamie All Over,” “Ghosts” and “Jersey”.

The combination of bands was a great lineup, full of varying energy that melded together perfectly. Everyone who attended the show had a great time. Be sure to catch The American Lines Tour ’16 at a venue near you.

 See them on tour:

Date Venue Location Tickets
Mar 22 Higher Ground Ballroomw/ Mayday Parade South Burlington, VT Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 24 The Intersectionw/ Mayday Parade Grand Rapids, MI Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 25 The Rave / Eagles Clubw/ Mayday Parade Milwaukee, WI Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 26 The Districtw/ Mayday Parade Sioux Falls, SD Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 29 Sokol Auditoriumw/ Mayday Parade Omaha, NE Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 30 Diamond Ballroomw/ Mayday Parade Oklahoma City, OK Tickets RSVP Share
Apr 01 Sunshine Theaterw/ Mayday Parade Albuquerque, NM Tickets RSVP Share
Apr 02 Extreme Thing Las Vegas, NV Tickets RSVP Share


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