Exodus well-worth 45-minute lull

Exodus well-worth 45-minute lull

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I remember hearing of Exodus way back in the day and being excited at what I heard from them. They are well known for having Kirk Hammett as one of their founding members before he found fame with Metallica. Now their ranks boast guitarist Gary Holt, but unfortunately he’s has recently taken over guitar duties with thrash legends of Slayer, so he was not on this tour. The band’s long history has a huge list of past members, but they have stuck to their roots and consistently produced good albums. This tour was to promote their latest album Blood In, Blood Out and they brought Finland’s rising stars Lost Society to open for them.

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After a long wait, Lost Society took to the stage and we were off. From the start of their set it was clear these guys were good, and they took no time at all to bring the crowd to life. Their sound reminded me of early Megadeth but with more brutal vocals. If anything, it was the vocals that let them down slightly, but the music more than made up for it. The guitars were crisp and clear when they needed to be but blunt and distorted when called for.

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All in all you would have thought these guys had been playing for decades together and it was clear the the now sizable crowd was enjoying every minute of their set. Even the sound guy got in on the show with some backing vocals from the mixing desk although I doubt anyone else noticed this.

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They played a little over forty-five minutes before making way for Exodus and leaving to cheers from the crowd.

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As the stage was made ready for Exodus, there was the usual wait and again left me to wonder why the support band don’t play a couple more songs or perhaps the headliners should just play a little longer. Anyway, the point I am trying to make is the fact that there was a break of nearly forty-five minutes, which is way too long.

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When Exodus eventually made their way onto the stage the excitement level was raised to maximum but seemed to go even higher as soon as the music started. As good as Lost Society had been Exodus took things up a notch and again, the sound was perfect. A mosh pit instantly opened up and as I stood at the front I was bumped and banged until I retreated from the madness several songs in. From my new vantage point I could see the whole of the stage and it was clear that the band were enjoying playing as much as the crowd were enjoying the show. Their set was a mix of old and new which seemed to be well-received by the moshing crowd and as the temperature rose the beat beat faster.

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As much as I was impressed with the band’s guitar work I found it hard to believe how good the bass beat was. As I watched Jack Gibson play his bass I was astounded by his playing style. It looked so relaxed and laid back you would think he was playing in a jazz band but somehow the bass pounded with the drums. Frontman Steve Souza looked the part and sounded great. He also interacted well with the crowd, which he had eating from the palm of his hand. I don’t know how well the current line up compares to others in the band’s history but if any of the others were better I would love to have seen them.

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After just over an hour and a half, the band left the stage after thanking the packed venue for their support. Drummer and founding member Tom Hunting remained on stage after his bandmates had left and handed setlists and drumsticks to lucky fans. He also shook hands with many of the front row and signed the odd cd before leaving to join his bandmates and that was it. Another fantastic night at the Hub, which is proving to be one of the area’s best live music venues. Everything seemed to go off without a hitch and made for a great night. Let’s hope Exodus and Lost Society keep their promise and return again in the near future.

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Mar 14 Biebob Vosselaar, Belgium Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 15 Lille Vega København V, Denmark Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 18 Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki Seinäjoki, Finland Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 23 Inferno Metal Fest Oslo, Norway Tickets RSVP Share
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Mar 31 Zeche Bochum Bochum, Germany Tickets RSVP Share
Jul 27 Bastard Club Osnabruck, Germany Tickets RSVP Share
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Jul 29 Xtreme Fest Albi, France RSVP Share
Jul 30 LE RAT’S Puget Sur Argens, France Tickets RSVP Share
Aug 10 L.A. Cham, Germany Tickets RSVP Share
Aug 12 Party San Open Air Holzsußra, Germany Tickets RSVP Share
Aug 13 Into The Grave Leeuwarden, Netherlands Tickets RSVP Share
Aug 15 Substage Karlsruhe, Germany Tickets RSVP Share
Aug 16 Le Grillen Colmar, France Tickets RSVP Share
Aug 17 Dornbirn Conrad Sohm Dornbirn, Austria Tickets RSVP Share
Aug 19 Kaltenbach Open Air Spital Am Semmering, Austria Tickets RSVP Share
Aug 21 Agglutination Metal Festival Chiaromonte, Italy RSVP Share
Aug 23 Zoom Frankfurt, Germany RSVP Share






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