Prowess unveils in Amos’ Southend

Words and images by Me’lani Santos
More Images by Kevin McGee

(Sometimes we hear someone is coming through town and get a little too excited, everyone goes out!)
IZP PROWESS 03042016 amos-9// better way for a couple of local bands to March Fourth other than on March 4th? That happened this past Friday in Charlotte. Quoted by Scott Roby on his Official Facebook Page,” We launched our new band last night at Amos’ Southend! Here’s raising one final toast to 21st Century Goliath. It’s been real, but I must be movin’ on. With that said, Pröwess was born! Fiftywatt Freight Train also from Charlotte held nothing back as they got the crowd head banging and screaming for more! Something Clever who also are from Charlotte and performed second on the roster introduced their new drummer,” Justin Tyme.” Opening this show, The Black River Rebels joined in all the way from Greenville, SC.

IZP PROWESS 03042016 amos-38

They definitely made their drive worth while and put on a hell of a performance. All of the bands were amazing!! Also quoted by Scott Roby ( Guitarist for Pröwess ) on his Official Facebook Page: prow·ess – (prouəs) – noun DEFINITION: 1. skill or expertise in a particular activity or field. [in our case rocking and rolling] 2. bravery in battle Hence Pröwess. Umlaut is a nod to Lemmy who passed while we were building it.

IZP PROWESS 03042016 amos-48

Also, as some have noticed, we launched on March 4th. Or March Fourth. March. Forth. 🙂 So I say to you now, March Forth to a local venue and support these and the so many other musical artist near you!  

Other bands of the night: 

Fiftywatt Freight Train (



Something Clever (

IZP SOMETHING CLEVER 03042016 amos-19//

IZP SOMETHING CLEVER 03042016 amos-14

IZP SOMETHING CLEVER 03042016 amos-5//

The Black River Rebels (

IZP BLACK RIVER REBELS 03042016 amos-4//

IZP BLACK RIVER REBELS 03042016 amos-5

See Me’lani’s full gallery here.


Now for some images of the night by Kevin McGee.

The Black River Rebels (

The Black River Rebels - 10//

The Black River Rebels - 09// Clever (

Something Clever - 08//

Something Clever - 01

// Freight Train (

Fiftywatt Freight Train - 03//

Fiftywatt Freight Train - 08//

21st Century Goliath / Pröwess (

Pröwess - 09

//öwess - 12//

Pröwess - 13


Pröwess - 08//

See Kevin’s full Gallery here.

If you are at a show make sure to #twitfromthepit (InstagramTwitter – fun!)


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