Fun with punks: Night Birds, Dollar Signs, No Love, Yarbs, and Aloha Broha

 Fun with punks: Night birds, Dollar Signs, No Love, Yarbs, and Aloha Broha

New Jersey’s Night Birds made a couple stops in North Carolina this past weekend, one of which was at the World famous Milestone Club in Charlotte, NC, and I had the opportunity to catch some great bands play a show with them.
Aloha Broha 10

Aloha Broha plays gritty punk rock that always reminds me a bit of bands like Rancid, and I like that a lot.

Aloha Broha 02

They’re fun to watch, and the musicust sounds fun to listen to as well.

Yarbs 01

Definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of punk rock in general.  Give them a listen at and show some love for three rad dudes from Charlotte, NC.

// 03

Yarbs is loud.  Loud and good.  Think garage style experimental punk, on steroids.

Yarbs 11

 It’s noisy and it all works well together.

Yarbs 08

Another noteworthy band from the Charlotte area, there’s an extremely strong chance that you’ve seen their stickers all over the city.  You can hear them over at

No Love 06 Raleigh’s No Love is, in one word, rad.  They play old, ‘80s style, punk. No Love 01 It reminds me of the type of music hardcore punk was built on, and I love it.  I’ve been friends with the guitar player since high school, and I always do anything I can to support what my friends are doing, but I would tell you to listen to their music even if I had never met anyone in the band. No Love 12 In today’s hardcore and punk scene, bands with this sound are few and far between and it’s honestly nice to hear a punk band with that ‘80s punk sound I grew up loving.  Go over to and listen to them.  If you’re not satisfied, I’ll simply encourage you to keep listening because you’re obviously hearing it wrong.  They’re great. Dollar Signs 17

Dollar Signs is a really fun band from Charlotte.  They played this show as a three-piece, but the recorded material has some horns.

Dollar Signs 05

 They remind me a little bit of bands like Reel Big Fish, or Less Than Jake, but a lot less ska, and a lot more “pop” punk.  I use the term “pop” because I can’t think of a better word for it.  You just need to hear them to understand.

Dollar Signs 09

Their live show is excellent as well, so you need to see them play at some point.  Head over to and learn the words, then go to one of their shows and yell every word back at them.  You’ll be happy you did.  I promise.

Night Birds 42

Night Birds is a band that I got familiar with some time back.  I had heard nothing about them, or their sound, but I found out they were on Grave Mistake records at the time so I knew they had to be good.  My intuition was right.  They’re incredible.  The NJ four-piece plays fast ‘80s style hardcore punk, with a hint of surf rock/punk mixed throughout.

Night Birds 12

They’re fast, wild, and fun; and the live show is a perfect match to the way they sound.  These photos should give you an idea of what you’re in for when you see them live, but the only way to really understand it is to show up, and get rowdy with them.

Night Birds 03

 They’re heading over to Europe next month for a couple weeks, so if you’re on the other side of the pond April is your chance to catch them live.

Night Birds 26

Head over to and get your hands on some of their music, then turn it up and play it on repeat.  Head over to the band’s facebook page ( for updated European tour info, as well as links to each event page.

Night Birds 32

See full gallery here.

Night Birds – MUTINY AT MUSCLE BEACH  European Tour 2016, see all dates here.

Venue: The Milestone ( Charlotte, NC

Photographer:  Bobby Whitmire (

Performances by:

Night Birds (

Dollar Signs (

No Love (

Yarbs (

Aloha Broha (



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