The Mirage: I See Stars “Light In The Cave” Tour

I See Stars “Light In The Cave” Tour with special guests: Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, Get Scared, Palaye Royale, The White Noise.

By: Molly Shores & Dianna Augustine

Real Interview and photos: by Kodi Pensyl

Iss (5)

Welcome to this month’s edition of The Mirage. In any industry, fuck-ups happen (let’s be real). When this happens we invent fun ways to still cover the bands and give them some awesome promo. Here is our sordid tale of how we actually met I See Stars for an interview, yet somehow were not there physically. How so? Someone from Shutter 16 interviewed them (Kodi – you can see some of this on Instagram or Twitter), was our inside-woman who got the interview.

After that it kind of went side-ways. Molly and I popped on our super-capes, traveled back in time a whole 4-5 days… and here is what happened at this show (or what we think happened.)

**Disclaimer** The following depiction is only our best guess as to what went down at the show— so if you’re hoping we write about how you and your BFF got on stage and mooned the crowd, sorry.

The White Noise (4)

The White Noise played their trademark sound from their debut album (Feb 26) Aren’t You Glad? and brought out the budding rowdiness to the crowd, surely getting the stew of glorious concert stink brewing. Headbangers got limber for the next act, a bit more glamorous, Palaye Royale.

Palaye Royale (6)

This stylish group (most likely the most stylist of the entire night, sorry folks), broke up the night with some more accented rock that I find difficult to classify as hardcore. They’re hard, and they hit the core of this genre, but there’s still something else… See what we thought in this article.

Get Scared (5)

Get Scared produced something like a sassy set mixed with a mosh-pit conduction. There’s a certain attitude that they bring to every show, and every show brings them offerings of sweat and hate-tears.

Get Scared (2)

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! played, while Dianna and I looked across the room to each other, miming the Truffle Shuffle to each other, but having nothing much more to do than violently sway to the music off of their newest album: Get Lost. Find Yourself. We telepathically reminisced about that time we interviewed them at Warped Tour ‘15, and how we thought they had said they wouldn’t be back on our American soil so soon, but were actually stoked they were here. French men, hard-coring on stage = heaven.

Iss (1)

I See Stars, the pandemonium sets in as the doors open and every woman, girl, and female child storm troops the venue. The sea of kids all wearing black, painted nails purposely chipped, and band t-shirt in illegible font surrounds me. I smell the scent of teen distain. Girls glammed up waiting to have lead singer Devin Oliver look in their direction. I feel my ovaries shrink as I realize I’m a band-mom now. Let’s do this.

I look to Molly across the sea of kids to find one already hard-core dancing near her. As she whimsically ducks the elbow flips and steadfastly jumps in time to miss a windmill to the shin, thoughts of her lack of health insurance surface. I realize, to my horror, that I definitely wore the wrong shoes for this and my time travel cape is going to get in the way. It’s going to be a long night. But really it’s about to be a fun dance-a-thon so possibly I can overlook the fact I am double the age of most here.

I see stars (6)

I See Stars headlined the night, and provided their easy-to-recognize ironic hardcore jams. They probably disappointed some fans by promoting the new album (Light in The Cave), and confused by the older stuff that they played which some fans couldn’t sing along to! That being said, everyone danced, be it hardcore or otherwise. At some point, Dianna and Molly were found pooling near the other parents who were all DD, chaperones, and trying to figure out the best way to enjoy ‘this kind of music’. Let’s face it, parents, your kids don’t want you to enjoy THEIR music!

Things we think would be heard in the crowd:

“They sound like the metal core of All American Rejects – I see their secrets ALL OF THEM”

“Do you think my eyeliner is dark enough? Someone might think I’m happy to be here!”

“That blastbeat is so unpredictable how do they surprise the crowd like that?”

“What’s The Goonies? Chunk! is too original for that…”

“Yea, I didn’t wanna come, because this music is so not my style, but this really hot person invited me…”

“Is this another cover? They need to play more original stuff.”

“I’m going to sleep with him, it’s GOING to happen. Cover me while I sneak onto the tour bus.”

Girl pees herself due to the bassist winking at her.

Boy-crushes evolve into full-blown mandoms.


Things we think happened on-stage and backstage:

Hackey-sack game prior to stage time.
Nap-time. (Do I sound like a crotchety old-metalcore-hag enough? ;))
One bouncer – only one would stay for the entire show – apparently he gets 4 proposals a night.
Someone for sure had a melt-down and did NOT want to play this show, you can see the interview for reference points.

What we would do at this show:

Elbows to the throat for anyone in my 3×3 space. Mama does not play, just cause you are here to listen to your favorite band doesn’t mean that you can windmill my equipment.
Reminisce about our high-school band crushes.
Sing better than the singer; or think I was. I’m no professional but in my shower- I am the queen!
Sit out back and do interviews while the show was playing, cause who needs to hear the music that close, the best acoustics are in the back!

What actually happened:

Kodi talked with with Devin and Andrew of I See Stars, an electronic hardcore band from Warren, Michigan. They are currently on tour promoting their fifth recorded album which will be released sometime this year entitled Light in the Cave.

When she arrived, there was already a line for the sold out show, but that passed. The crowd was absolutely insane and so full of energy despite the sound tech errors that kept popping up for Chunk!

Each band brought something unique to the stage and made sure the crowd was pumped. She had never heard of two of the bands before but they both put on a great first show. Get Scared had been one of her favorites for a while and they certainly met expectation.

Although Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! had some sound issues, she was too excited to see this band, having been a fan for life. They also put on one hell of a show with all the energy you’d expect. Now the headliners, I See Stars, were the main attraction of course and they blew people away.

“I have been a fan since early 2010 but had never been able to get to a show so I’m so happy this was my first and needless to say it sent chills down my spine.” -Kodi

Why/if any – people should go see this tour

If you are looking for a way to feel young again – see the show.

If you are looking for a way to avoid electronic hardcore metal – don’t see the show


See them on tour:

Date Venue Location Tickets
Feb 24 The Palladium (Upstairs) Worcester, MA Tickets RSVP Share
Feb 25 Water Street Music Hall Rochester, NY Tickets RSVP Share
Feb 26 The Altar Bar Pittsburgh, PA Tickets RSVP Share
Feb 27 Agora Ballroom Cleveland, OH Tickets RSVP Share
Feb 28 PORTAGE THEATER Chicago, IL Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 01 Emerson Theater Indianapolis, IN Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 02 Sokol Underground Omaha, NE Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 03 Amsterdam Bar and Hall Saint Paul, MN Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 04 Fubar Saint Louis, MO Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 05 89th Street Collective Oklahoma City, OK Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 06 Marquis Theater Denver, CO Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 08 Whisky A Go Go Los Angeles, CA Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 09 Chain Reaction Anaheim, CA Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 10 Boardwalk Orangevale, CA Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 11 Jub Jub’s Thirst Parlor Reno, NV Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 12 Lamppost Warehouse San Diego, CA Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 13 Pub Rock Live Scottsdale, AZ Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 16 Las Palmas Race Park Mission, TX Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 18 House of Rock Corpus Christi, TX Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 20 So What Music Festival Grand Prairie, TX Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 23 Aftershock Merriam, KS Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 24 Gabe’s Iowa City, IA Tickets RSVP Share
Mar 25 The Crofoot Pontiac, MI Tickets RSVP Share



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