ONE: the creme de la creme of “dirty old rock”

ONE: the creme de la creme of “dirty old rock”

I don’t know where to begin with this band. ONE elicits in me a kind of nostalgia that I didn’t know I had for classic-rock inspired bands. From Warsaw (old country), you wouldn’t really expect such a genuine sound coming from a place that feels so far away. And so here I am, really enjoying the sound of ONE, and unsure how to describe it without just re-hashing the nostalgia, the harkening back, the ‘classic rock’ feel. So, instead, I’ll tell you ten reasons to listen to them that have nothing to do with the above-mentioned attributes:

    1. 1. This is the most solid six-piece band apart from some of the bands in their “Influences” section.
    2. 2. Even though they have a keyboardist (Aga Wachowska), she is as well-incorporated as the drums, or guitar…
    3. 3. I didn’t mention that the bass was well-incorporated, because while it is, it also stands out as funky, and I daresay ‘groovy.’
    4. 4. They break the mold of cover-band-but-really-talented by being directly inspired by bands (and noticeably) but bringing new shit to the table.
    5. 5. Their stage presence (as seen in live photos) is stylish, kinetic, and they seem to kick out some legit lighting rigs — not to mention they’re all stunningly confident.
    6. 6. The UK version of their website isn’t filled in, and I don’t care! They have enough supplemental information on Facebook/Twitter/ReverbNation et al. that I’m fine.
    7. 7. The owl in this video:
    8. 8. This album art: 
    9. 9. Their vocals, like watching a telenovela, evoke just the right emotions to break through language barriers. Even though many of their songs on ReverbNation are in english, I can still follow along to the tone in any non-english song or version.
    10. 10.While I did say that I wouldn’t mention that they’re an accessible version of classic rock from by-gone days, and that I wanted to avoid any nostalgia points, I have to say this: they really do bridge generational gaps. Sometimes you hear mom or dad listening to Pink Floyd or Black Sabbath, and sure, they SOUND cool, but your mom and dad couldn’t possibly know what’s REALLY cool.

I promise that your parents haven’t heard of ONE, and when this group gets big enough to be known by your uncool ‘rents, don’t you want to be hip to the beat and say “I liked them before they were big.”
So give them a shot, check out the video and playlist here, and tell us what you think. We’re not sure how the Polish złoty exchange rate is, but you can find many of their music for sale, especially their early work (Njoyin’) on CDBaby and Amazon.



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