Gallery: Jaggermouth,Thick Modine, Bad Karla @ The Rabbit Hole

Wednesday night, one of my favorite local venues, The Rabbit Hole, opened it’s doors for some of the best rock and roll North Carolina has to offer right now.  Thick Modine from Raleigh, as well as Bad Karol and Jaggermouth, both hailing from Charlotte.  Each band played extremely technically sound, high energy, and fun sets to the Wednesday night crowd.  To my knowledge there are not currently any tours planned for any of the bands, but expect to see them playing shows in the area.  If you have the chance to see any of them, it’s definitely a decision you won’t regret.

Photographer: Bobby Whitmire (

Performances by:

Bad Karol (

Bad Karol 5//
Bad Karol 6//

Bad Karol 8//

Bad Karol 13//


Thick Modine (

Thick Modine 18//
Thick Modine 11//

Thick Modine 02//

Thick Modine 07//

Thick Modine 12//

Thick Modine 17//


Jaggermouth (

Jaggermouth 31//
Jaggermouth 28//

Jaggermouth 20//

Jaggermouth 23//

Jaggermouth 17//

Jaggermouth 06//


Full gallery can be seen here.


No pending tour dates, as of yet. Check back later!



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