Dirty Revival shakes up the Hotel Café with a magnitude 8 music-quake

Dirty Revival shakes up the Hotel Café with a magnitude 8 music-quake

(Hollywood, CA) The Hotel Café may never be the same again. I am not referring to recent remodeling which added a second room, but to the magnitude 8 vibrations let loose by the Portland band Dirty Revival in its set Monday night. Lead vocalist Sarah Clarke lead her very, very tight six-piece band through a nine-song set that sent out sparks like the Tesla coil at the Griffith Observatory.

After conquering the most sought after stages in their home town of Portland, Dirty Revival is bringing their nuclear-powered “Soul-Hop” sound to California with concerts in San Diego, Chico Hollywood, and Long Beach before they head out to the mountain west. Even without their usual backup singers, The Soul Collective, they had folks up dancing and rockin’, a not a common scene at the table-based showcase club. From the first song, “Make It” to wrapping up the night with a fabulous take on the Beatles’ “With a Little Help From My Friends,” the band poured electricity into the room.

The seven members of Dirty Revival have all known each other from childhood, but it wasn’t until recently that the band came together as Clarke realized the power of her voice. She and the band practice and rehearse constantly, never fully satisfied with their performances (although the audiences are!), which accounts for how tight the percussion, two horns (sax and trumpet) bass and lead guitar and double keyboard work together and with Clarke’s unbelievable voice.

Dirty Rival is touring in support of the release of their new, self-titled album Dirty Revival. The band has also just released a video, “Dirty Love” in support of the 11-song CD, many of which were heard on stage Monday night. The album itself is a masterpiece of perfection, with the backup singers, violins, a cello and added percussion bringing a richness to the rawer sounds we heard at the Hotel Café. But it cannot transmit Clarke’s ability to connect with an audience. Most songs were prefaced with a personal story or just a conversation with the audience. Despite the relative newness of the band, Clarke has a professional ease with both the audience and her band members…it felt like family.

Dirty Revival has the talent, the energy and the determination to succeed both on the road and in the recording studio. If all their performances are as phenomenal as the Hotel Café show, they will take the west by storm – lightning storm.

Patrick O’Heffernan. Host, Music FridayLive!

Dirty Revival


Dirty Revival Collective EP and Dirty Revival full album

Available at https://squareup.com/market/dirty-revival-llc



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