The 7th annual Ninja Party held by 25 Minutes to Go at the World Famous Milestone Club

By: Bobby Whitmire

Fandemonium - 01

The 7th annual Ninja Party held by 25 Minutes to Go at the World Famous Milestone Club.  Also featuring Suit City, Swell Friends, and South Side Punx.

Suit City - 04//

Suit City - 09

// City - 08//

Suit City (featuring members of Mon Frere, Junior Astronomers, and Del Rio) opened the show up with heavy, hardcore-influenced rock. This was my first time seeing them and it was a very impressive set. I look forward to seeing what these guys do in the future, because I think they’ll be a band to pay attention to.

Swell Friends - 08

// City - 10//

Swell Friends - 07

Swell Friends followed up with catchy, fast poppy punk rock. The melodious punk rock is sure to have anyone and everyone tapping their foot and grinning.

South Side Punx - 03//

South Side Punx - 08

// Side Punx - 01//

South Side Punx is a band I haven’t seen in years, but they didn’t disappoint at all.  Same energy tonight as there was the last time I saw them. Pure, aggressive street punk that’ll have you throwing your fist up and screaming along with the lyrics in no time.

25 Minutes to Go - 02

// Minutes to Go - 03//

25 Minutes to Go - 11

// Minutes to Go - 06

25 Minutes to Go wrapped things up as only they could; everyone had a smile on their face for the duration of their set. They brought up a special guest guitarist, Wylie Buck Boswell, to join in the second half of their set.  They closed the show with the best cover of Garth Brooks’ “Friends in Low Places” I’ve ever heard while everyone in the crowd hugged each other and ended up on stage to sing along. It was truly a party.

Full gallery can be seen here.

Suit City -n/a
Swell Friends (
South Side Punx (
25 Minutes to Go (



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