Septimius The Great: “Find the fashion within.”

If anyone reads my articles on Shutter 16, they’ll know that I don’t really sing praises for every single artist, event, or album that I review. It’s not a matter of being mean, but I genuinely feel that as a music journalist, I have a job to not only provide readers with our favorite music, but provide musicians some constructive criticism concerning their work. This wasn’t always true.

A year ago when I first started writing with Shutter 16, I wrote about the Top Five ReverbNation “Artists.” The entire article featured musicians and performers who I speculated that the term ‘artist’ didn’t fit. On that list were artists who were weak, confusing, hard-to-listen-to, and Septimius The Great. I have to admit, his professional attitude and drive, not to mention how easily his songs get stuck in your head, have redeemed him. Initially I chose him because his music made me laugh, and presumably wasn’t supposed to. Now, as I set out for an interview, and a year since he was featured in that list, he’s still on my mind.

One question I still meditate on concerning him, is it supposed to be funny, or is he primarily interested in providing entertainment? He’s an entertainer, that’s for sure, and I really can’t hate him or his work.

Here’s a video interview that he and I have put together for you, our readers:

Now that we’ve gotten to know him a bit more personally, I want to give our readers a chance to listen to his work. Below you can find a playlist of his biggest hits, and you can learn even more about him on his Facebook and Twitter feed.

To see what MuesProductions had to say about the videos, check here.



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