Talented Musicians are Abundant in this Family (Winds & Walls Review)

Talented Musicians are Abundant in this Family

More and more females are getting involved in the rock scene these days, which is great. There have always been some pretty awesome lady rockers – from the days of Heart and the Runaways to Joan Jett and Lita Ford with their solo careers – but over the past five years or so the women have started to take over rock music. From hard rock and metal to pop punk and indie it’s hard not to find at least one notable group with a female member. There are also quite a few of those bands that I’m sure you’ve never heard of, but I’ve got your back here. Pop punk and indie music generally isn’t a style I listen to often, but Winds & Walls are too good not to write about.

This quintet from New York features the brother/sister combo of Rosie and Joey Pacla on vocals and guitar, respectively. When siblings form bands together you can get some really great music (Heart, AC/DC, the Black Crowes, Halestorm just to name a few), and that’s all I’ve heard from this group.

“Coming Down” is by far my favorite track on their playlist, with a haunting melody being plucked on the guitar to set it off, I was instantly hooked in. The tune quickly picks up with distortion pouring out of the guitarist’s amps and drummer Lawrence Turco’s great work with the sticks. Rosie’s incredible voice and the way she sings those mesmerizing melodies takes charge and demands your attention. Guitarists Quentin Carver helps Pacla keep the spooky feel throughout the song and bassist Andrew Reyes will have your speakers rattling with the complementary playing he provides.

That’s not the only good song these guys and gal have, “Long Beach Island” has a ballad type feel to it during the verses while the chorus explodes with energy. The first single the band released, “Hindsight,” is one fans of  pop/punk will love. The compelling chorus on this one will have you singing along in no time. I believe the best vocal performance came on “In A Little Bit.” Pacla hits some pretty high notes and keeps up with the upbeat and speedy pace of the band.

Over a span of six years the group has recorded two EP’s – one recorded in 2013 and more recently Third Rail, which was released in 2015. A new EP is on the way, expected to be out this month, but the first single “Where I Am” was released back in December. If this track is any indication on the quality of musicianship and songwriting on the new releases, then it’s something I will be looking forward to. Two music videos have also been made for the songs “Hindsight” and “Long Beach Island.” A third music video is in the works as the band posted a picture giving fans a sneak peak on their social media sites earlier this month, I’m thinking for the single recently released?

Whether you’re on the hunt for the next great female in rock, or just looking for some great new music, Winds & Walls is definitely worth checking out. The best way to do so is to follow them on social media, you know Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation and so on. Make sure to watch closely for the upcoming EP release as well as a new music video. I’m sure the band will be playing some shows to promote the new music as well, if you’re in the area check them out and send them down to NC for me!



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