Hit Repeat on Mai Tatro

Sheila Walsh 

Hit Repeat on Mai Tatro

To be 16 is hard enough as it is, there’s no doubt about it.  To be able to write about this feeling, put music behind it, and create an original song while dealing with the issues that arise while being 16 is an accomplishment in itself.  Add a unique vocal tone to the mix and you’ve got Mai Tatro, a young woman from Port Orange, Florida who began her music career at 12 years old.

Tatro discovered her love for music at the age of five, when her grandfather gifted her a guitar.  Five years later, Tatro joined an Orlando-based entertainment group where she explored the live aspect of performing music.  It was within this group that Tatro would form a relationship with Mr Major, a producer who helped release her first single at 13 and develop a partnership with 4.0 World Records.  Under the guidance of Mr Major, she has been spending the last few years finding her sound and cultivating her voice.

 Although her ReverbNation profile is mostly covers, Tatro’s original songs are undoubtedly her best.  It is indisputable that the young artist has a unique and talented voice, especially for being merely 16, but her accessible lyrics are what truly stands out in her original compositions.  The teenage experience is an exciting, messy, and strange time, and Tatro executes the troubles during this experience through her music with ease.  Her song “Hi Volume” discusses the feeling of being stuck while others move forward.  She sings about how “the world is on hi-volume,” claiming that “sound destroyed my universe / where everything is silent.”  Although she is so young, Tatro sings about a concept that knows no age: to feel overwhelmed and unheard in a fast-paced, noisy world.

The Port Orange native released a new single in October 2015, entitled Hit Repeat, but her listeners patiently await fresh music as the new year begins.  Until then, her acoustic covers of Ed Sheeran, Maroon 5, and nevershoutnever will have to be enough to hold us over.  You can catch Tatro’s next performance on Friday January 15th at Brigadoon Old Florida Fish Camp at 6pm.  I am excited to see how this young artist will grow in 2016!

Mai Tatro’s Facebook ////  Mai Tatro’s Twitter




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