Couldn’t Think of a Better Headline so Here’s Something Clever

The band name Something Clever has been popping up left and right in my email, but there is just so much music being recommended, that it’s hard to know who I’ve listened to and who I haven’t. Today I just sat down, had some FogLifter tea, and listened to Something Clever.

I won’t pretend that this group is in-your-face innovative, or creating a new genre, or something that would make for a grabbing headline— but this is the best way that I can describe this band: nerdy metal-heads compelled to create solid, clean, hard metal.

I also won’t pretend that I am any kind of expert on the many genres of metal or metal bands. There are plenty of people on staff that I go to for that kind of perspective. But, as I sit alone with this cup of tea, the cold air of January creeping in through the shittily insulated walls of my apartment, I am putting this album (Seasons of Darkness 2015) on repeat.

It is to be noted that this group manages a well-produced, full, melodic sound that is easy on the ears without seeming to pander to the radio-standards of most metal these days. That being said, these folks deserve that kind of exposure. They deserve your ear, if for just a song. I imagine that the only reason you wouldn’t keep listening is because of a difference in taste, because the overall sound and performance is on point.

Something Clever - 05//

Kelly Flusk has a few words for our readers about Something Clever in 2016.

S16: Since last year, I see you have been interviewed by Ash at PopDeflators, and you mentioned wanting to get on board with Warped Tour 2015- since that didn’t happen, what festivals and tours do you hope to join this year?

Kelly: We will definitely be trying for Warped again this year. We’ve been talking about a few other festivals… but Carolina Rebellion is always a goal so we will keep pushing for both of those for sure.

S16: The biggest thing we want to know is this: will there be another CleverCon, and where do you think it would be held? (I need to know, because I missed the last one, and curse myself for it!)

Kelly: There WILL be another Charlotte Clever-con. We’re thinking of doing it at the Neighborhood Theater this year. Be on the lookout around late spring/early summer for the date! We’re also hoping to take Clever-con to different regional cities in the future, maybe next year after it’s had time to get comfortable in Charlotte for the second time.

S16: Would you say that your full but uncluttered sound comes more from pre-production or post-production? Who is to blame for the polished sound I personally love?

Kelly: Our last release ‘Season of Darkness’ was recorded by Jamie King at The Basement Studios. He was really patient with us while we tried our best to get the best takes of everything, so we can thank him for that. We worked really well together so I’d say it was really a team effort to accomplish what is on that album today.

S16: Your live performances, of which I sadly have yet to witness, seem to have their fair share of showmanship. Case and point, you riffing with one-hand during some songs. What are some other live aspects that people need to come and see?

Kelly: The live show is just as important as the music in our opinion. We are always trying to improve the live show. Why? Because if people are coming out and spending the money, we should be putting on a SHOW in addition to playing the songs. Just listening to music is what CD’s are for.

We have new props for this year but they will be kept a surprise… but in addition to the new stuff you can expect to see our light up boxes, our fox logo backdrop and something clever logo banners, our massive C02 jets, Adam’s light up mic stand… and other surprises.

S16: With the closing of so many local venues, how do you plan to survive as a band in the local scene? What do you suggest other local acts do to keep afloat?

Kelly: Venues may be closing, but that doesn’t mean the local scene has to die. There is still tons of places with bands playing in them every night. We love our fans and we will always find a place for hometown shows.

S16: What else can we expect from this year’s Cleverness?

Kelly: You can expect A LOT from us in 2016. We are currently working on the second album Season of Light to follow up Season of Darkness and we hope to have that out as soon as possible. More videos, more buzz, another Clever-con, another War on Hunger show, and much much more that we can’t talk about quite yet. But keep your eyes peeled and you’ll definitely see a lot of “cleverness” happening this year.



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