Selva Smashes Language Barriers

Selva Smashes Language Barriers

Powerful music transcends language barriers. Selva (‘jungle’ in Spanish) is a hard/metal/prog rock band from Ecuador which is currently basking in the glow of their excellent new release Cuatrotreintaydos and making new fans through their ReverbNation page. Singing in their native Spanish, Selva might seem like a band that a non-Spanish speaker would take a pass on, but to do so would be a mistake. Songs like “Sombra Sonriente” (“Smiling Shadow”) with it’s mid tempo rock and heavy down rifts excellently sums up Selva’s sound that reveals itself to be as dense and intricate as the band’s namesake. It’s easily one of the band’s best songs.

Other offerings from Selva, “Resistencia,” betray the debt they owe bands like Rage Against The Machine and Soulfly. They honor the sound of both bands by playing songs like “Resistencia” in the same vein of RATM and Soulfly’s best, but make the sound their own. “Camiseta” (“Shirt”) moves the band in a more punk direction with its starts and stops, but it flows smoothly into an almost Sepultura-like “Ratamahata” beat before opening up with a soaring solo. It’s quite an accomplished song that takes the listener through many different moods and genres. “Evolucion” is perhaps one of their hardest and most militant and angry tracks. It betrays a closer spiritual kinship with Max Cavalera’s music than his sound, although the influence is still there for all to hear.

“Simbiosis,” a track directly off of Cuatrotrientaydos is the straight up, in your face type of metal that Selva appears poised to really break through with. It’s progressive leanings display a maturity based upon a desire to experiment with their sound and push it to another level. “Intencion y Viento” (“Intention and Wind”) is the band experimenting with a more culturally native sound to them, Spanish guitar. It works wonderfully within the confines of a slower yet just as heavy slog through some heavy electric guitar riffs. The acoustic guitar parts of “Intencion y Viento” are the airy strands of sound that balance out the song’s heavy intentions (and electric guitar).

Selva describes themselves on their ReverbNation page as “music that creates a space of awareness and consciousness.” They really should occupy a bigger space on your playlists as well.



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