In the Studio with Swedish Heavy Metal Band DESPITE – Headbangers Rejoice!

In the Studio with Swedish Heavy Metal Band DESPITE – Headbanger Rejoice!

DESPITE is a great Heavy Metal band and their music in fact, hits the spot.

There is nothing like a great heavy metal band; the energy and rush that a headbanger gets when the music really hits the spot! From Gothenburg, Sweden, formed in 1998, they have one EP (EPic) and two stand-alone singles with their current lineup. They are currently in the studio recording a new full-length album which will be released later this year.

They have a very complex sound that is formulated with three guitarist and a rhythm section (bass & drums). Many of their songs contrast the trashy riffs in one section of the song against majestic and flowing textural passages in another section of the same song. Their songs have both hard edges and soft edges. The hard edges reminded me of the 1990’s band Ministry. Ministry would use pounding sound loops as a foundation of their heavy metal madness.

Q: “Some tracks like “Unexceptional” and “As You Bleed” have driving beat in places that remind me of the way Ministry used sound loops in the ‘90s. Do you guys ever use sound loops, and were any of you Ministry fans?”

A: “We occasionally make synthesizer pad loops, as long as they don’t suck. We prefer seed sucking, and yes – I love Psalm 69,” remarked Anthony Cui, the band’s bass player. When I asked the guys who their influences were, Anthony cited several artists.

“Every member brings a pretty big sack of influences into the band. However, I think it’s safe to say that Meshuggah, Periphery, Korn,Tesseract and Devin Townsend are common denominators. The individual influences range from Alice in Chains to Noah Gundersen via John Coltrane and Decapitated and perhaps just a tiny bit of Yngwie Malmsteen. Less Malmsteen is more Malmsteen, right?”

Their lyrics are intelligent, when I asked about the subject matter of their songs, I got an interesting response when Peter Tuthill, the band’s vocalist described their ReverbNation tracks:

“The themes vary a lot from one song to the other. I write about my own experiences, thoughts and feelings, combined with shit that happens in the world. Take for instance “Give me Life” which is an insight into the dark mind of a person suffering from bipolar disorder, and then go and have a look at “Praedonum” which is about sexual predators. Anything goes as long as there is a story worth telling, if you ask me.”

“”Awakening” is about wrongs in the world. There are people out there who justify killing other people in the name of religion. It’s something that I believe can’t get enough attention. It’s about thinking more clearly and seeing the big picture. No one should tell you what to do and not to do. Be your own God, and believe in yourself, is my motto.”

So, what are DESPITE’s goals for 2016? Peter says, “First off we’re gonna finish the recordings of the new album and mix and master it. We have loads of stuff going on in the background right now. Really exciting stuff that will make 2016 a truly epic year for us, I’m sure. At this point we can’t get into any details as it’s all being kept under wraps as of now, but there will be a release of a new album before you know it, and after that we’re aiming at getting out on tour.”

Headbangers, keep a lookout for these guys in 2016!



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