op-ed: Beware of The Dirty Hippie

Dear reader, this wasn’t an easy article to finish. Suffering from depression and a general lack of productivity lately, finishing this piece was no cakewalk. It was meant to be much longer and more in depth, and maybe I’ll take a second crack at it but, until then, the article is as you see it before you, in all its brevity and lack of polish. Actually, DON’T EVEN THINK OF THIS AS AN ARTICLE BUT RATHER A PUBLISHED WARNING. Nothing less, nothing more. As part of Charlotte, NC’s art and music community, I owe it to everyone to give the following warning:


The Dirty Hippie is a new business venture I located off South Blvd. in Charlotte, promoting itself as a music venue and arts collective. The establishment has received positive press. So far. What hasn’t been said, at least not in any published word, are the reasons fellow artists might want to refrain from giving venue owners (twin brothers) Tyler and Vinny Trierweiler their trust. Or at least their money.

Another tidbit: On the venue’s opening night, Charlotte music duo JoRa was scheduled to perform. And they did. For exactly one song. The venue turned their amps off telling them “This isn’t what we had in mind.” Was their playing sloppy? No. Are they bad musicians? No.

The staff stopped the band from playing because of ONE MAN’s opinion. A drunk dude who was leaving anyway who claimed their gritty bluesy noise rock was “killing the vibe.” Okay, so it wasn’t for him. But how about the people who showed up specifically to see them play? How about everyone still facing the stage? No fucks were given for them. It’s not one guy’s cup of tea? Okay then, no tea for anyone.

I have been to a plethora of shows, even produced a handful myself, and not once have I seen an act stopped to please one person. So if the general disregard for standard business practices and personal possessions won’t give you pause before attending their events, maybe the rudeness they showed to a promising music act will. The Trierweiler brothers claim they care about helping artists and maybe on some level they do. But usually when you care about a community you don’t leave town in a hurry to set up shop in another. Again and again.

You’ve all been warned. But whatever. White trash party forever, right?

Check out JoRa here and tell us what you think.
Click Here to check out their video for “Powered on Dreams.”



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