Just How New is ‘The Dirty Hippie?’

Among the dead and dying remains of multiple beloved venues in Charlotte, we can only hope for new locations and new owners to lease and book our local acts. Recently-announced venues are Mission Gathering in NoDA and The Dirty Hippie. In fact, the latter is already opened! Let’s talk about what we’ve learned so far about the venue and owners of this South Blvd venue.

Via Fox 46

The two owners, twin brothers Vinny and Tyler Trierweiler, rent the space primarily for Dirty Hippie events from the owners of a chain called Paint Craze. These young entrepreneurs have lofty events planned for weekly and monthly gatherings: “White Trash Buffet,” Drag BINGO, Hippie Fest, a Naked Art Party (which was cancelled the day before), Folked Up Cupid Art Show, and a myriad of chances for local acts to come and play. Their grand-opening was on the night before Halloween, and Devan T. Penegar was there. See his Op-ed piece here.

Only open two months, and this venue has 29 5-star reviews on Facebook. Also within a month, there are three 1-star reviews, one of which includes: “As performers we had a pain in the ass of being able to play. The venue, being 21+, didn’t even know most of the bands they had booked consisted of people under 21,” to which co-owner Vinny replied “Hey man, that was a private show hosted by the band Dilarian. We didn’t do the booking. Dilarian was informed that it would be a 21 plus show. I wish they would have communicated with you better.”

With a pleasing bedside manner, one has to wonder why this article is being written. For me, I hope to shed some light on this up-and-coming venue in my neck of the woods. Some of which light would reveal the brother’s Youtube page(s), and their 2012-13 MTV special “True Life: I Am Preparing For The End of The World.” During the hour-long segment, the twins reveal their transcendental morays in the year once thought to be the end, 2012.

This special was generally what one would expect from a reality show on MTV about the end of the world, featuring two brothers in their very early twenties. They had parties, they spoke of spreading love and transcending their earthly forms toward a higher plain of existence via esoteric means. Two things stood out to me in this segment, though.

At one point, while they reached out to spread love to the masses, they seemed to video-bomb a zombie walk, offering free hugs. This scene cuts to another where they take a different approach, lips-first toward strangers, mere inches away from these new faces before finally gaining consent to kiss them.

I understand end-of-the-world zeal, thinking there’s nothing to lose, and thinking that money will lose all value in the blink of an eye. It seems that they felt the same way, because in another scene, the twins journey to a public park and approach a bench-full of people. There were a few women, a few men, and they all wore civilian clothing. There is no explanation as to who these people were, or what their financial situation was. Upon approaching these people, the twins offer them a twenty-dollar bill, as crisp as the MTV contract they signed. Tyler proceeds to explain that money will mean nothing soon, and tosses the bill into the half-dozen people, who then lunge and fight for it for a moment. The fight breaks up, and under their breaths, one of the twins proceeds to shame the group and their materialism. A few of the people in the group commented disheartened, that it was cruel. See the MTV special here.

This was three years ago, and since then the twins have launched several Youtube reality series and at least three locations similar to what they hope The Dirty Hippie to become. The previous endeavors did not succeed, for reasons unknown. Hell, we’ve all tried and failed at things, but these twins are determined! I commend determination.

Throughout their stay in other locations, they have made a vast number of friends; but you can’t make friends at the rate they do without a few foes along the way.

During one of their previous venue attempts, in South Bend, Indiana, someone had a brush with them that was not so sweet. Emily Mann spoke out about her run-in with these twins:
“So here’s my story/experience with Tyler and Vinny…
I moved into their first cooperative in 2011. There was no paperwork to sign, they basically just decided if you were talented/the kind of person they wanted there, and you were in. We had an 8ish room apartment building that had been turned into mostly open space. We were charged $200 for a shared room and $300 for a single. Upon moving in, we were not notified that they only had a 9 month lease (which really sucked because they had a couple move up from Florida to stay, completely unaware that they could only stay there for a couple months). They also didn’t tell us how much they paid monthly for the building nor how much they were paying for utilities.

It was fun for awhile. We got to do basically whatever we wanted, everyone got drunk and did drugs all the time, we hosted huge shows for all ages (there was no underage drinking though, they seemed pretty diligent about that). They finally let us know, one month before the lease was up, that we would have to move out since the next lease was already signed, then left us there to start a new co-op in Alabama. As far as I know, that cooperative never actually happened but one of the girls had contacted us to let us know the twins has taken several security deposits and disappeared. I believe they tried to take legal action against them but nothing came of it. When they left, they took one girl’s DSLR camera, my potter’s wheel, and lots of music recording equipment that didn’t belong to them. They actually made my friend drive to Grand Rapids to pick up the money for the camera. I never received compensation for my potters wheel.

Everything they did was shady, honestly. While we were all hardly scraping by, Tyler was buying a brand new car and Vinny purchased tons of expensive musical equipment.

I was shocked to hear they were continuing to set up cooperatives and music venues throughout Michigan (where they are basically blacklisted now) and REALLY can’t believe they’re keeping it up in NC.

It sucks because they claim to be dedicated to music, peace, love, and art, but they use innocent people to get what they want. They actually preach the cons of going to college when Tyler has a degree in business, that he obviously uses.”

This got me digging further, and I wasn’t alone. Multiple Facebook accounts have begun to speculate the motives and sincerity behind this new venue, including The Charlotte Absorber. The comments of this post took on a life of their own, inciting people to begin sleuthing about these twins, and, in the end, turning them into a local meme. Click the link below to follow the entire conversation.

What People Are Saying About Dirty Hippie

Further investigation showed a few comments accusing the twins of similar business indiscretions:
“John says:
April 3, 2014 at 9:55 am
These two did have their MTV true life air on March 15th 2014. These two are frauds however, they created fraudulent “businesses”, without credentials such as dream wedding media.com, and did a lot of other “business” related things under false pretense. I investigated them and turns out that just like they said on their true life show, not only did they stop paying their federal student loans, but many other things as well. Their dirty hippie shop was never on the books in Michigan. Which is tax evasion,just like they did here in Asheville. They have since left the area I believe.
-via AshVegas.com

As people dug deeper, Tumblr accounts began to surface. And at the same time, their Youtube channels. The following music video “The Twins” has become a local favorite.

The Musician’s Coop – Youtube Channel
Gullivision – Youtube Channel

In an effort to hear all sides of the story, I reached out to Tyler and Vinny, in hopes of gleaning some insight from their side. I have yet to hear back from them, but stay tuned, because we’ll be the first to let you know what they have to say about their business, and especially their past, and the aforementioned accusations.



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