Boom! Boom! Boom! The Infectious Sounds of L.A.-Based DJ E5QUIRE

Boom! Boom! Boom! The infectious sounds of L.A.-based DJ E5QUIRE will take you on an electronic road trip with unexpected twists and turns. If dance music is what you’re looking for, E5QUIRE delivers! E5QUIRE has a number of releases on several labels (such as Armada, Diffused, and Saturday Night Sessions). He has also released a number of tracks on his own not associated with any labels.

E5QUIRE is not just canned music set to a drum machine; his tracks are musically-sound, spontaneous grooves that have layers of intertwining music that morph in and out. For instance, the track “Bosphorus,” on his ReverbNation page reminds me of the old Doctor Who television theme, which has always been a fun and interesting sound bite. “Bosphorus” and E5QUIRE’s other tracks can be enjoyed just as much as a listening experience as a dance experience. So I asked where his inspiration came from.

Q: “Who are your influences?”

A: “I have a number of influences but I have to say the people I look up to are the ones who refuse to stay in one lane musically. I have always been a fan of great music regardless of what genre it is. Therefore one producer that has had a major influence on me is Carnage.”

When I asked about how E5QUIRE brings his studio creations to a live audience, I was surprised that so much of it was improvised because his jams are so tight.

Q: “How much of the music is prerecorded for a live performance and do you jam over your own tracks?”

A: “None of my music is prerecorded. Each set is different and nothing is ever set in stone before a live performance. Yes a lot of times when I make a track I hear it so much that I get sick of it. However, playing live in front of hundreds or thousands of people and watching their reactions to the music always gives me an amazing feeling and makes me relive the moments in which I produced the track.”

 Aside from his spontaneity, E5QUIRE has an interesting musical pallet. His tracks vary, for instance the track “Hollywood” which was done with partner Ravi is vocal centered, and is a little soulful. It has is different feel than the more spacey tracks like “Bosphorus.” I asked E5QUIRE to tell me a little bit more about Ravi:

“Originally I was part of a DJ group that became a DJ duo known as Mixed Reactions and Ravi was my partner in that duo. The track “Hollywood” was a collaboration between the two of us that was released under both our names. The vocals were a sample pack.”

There is a school of thought that EDM (electronic dance music) is the wave of the future and some might go as far to say that traditional analog musical instruments will be phased out one day. So I took the opportunity to ask E5QUIRE what he thought the future of EDM and the future of his career in the years to come:

Q: “How do you think your music will develop over, say the next 5 years? What do you think the future of Electronic music is?”

A: “It’s hard to say where the future of electronic music stands. However my music isn’t going to just be electronic. I love making music all together regardless of genre. Therefore my music will probably be a little bit of everything and anything I like.”

I was glad to hear his response wasn’t as apocalyptic as I thought it would be.

“As for 2016 I have a great deal of new music I have been working on that is going to be coming out on a number of labels over the next few months and I’m stoked for everyone to hear some fresh new E5QUIRE music!” Give E5QUIRE’s jams a listen and try to catch him live if you have an opportunity!

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